As opposed to a complete economic collapse, is it even possible today for a partial economic collapse to occur, given the intertwined economic thread woven throughout the fabric of the West’s financial systems? Could pulling just one thread unravel the whole thing?

During 2008/2009 the economic collapse thread was pulled and it started to unwind, however the FED jumped in with their sewing machine and spools of new thread to patch up the pull. The problem is, as I see it today, there are no more spools of thread (or enough of them left) to patch up another pull…

Pardon the analogy, but it is what comes to mind as I write this.

In any event, while I am not a financial expert (by any stretch of the imagination), I do have some logic and the ability to dig and self-educate about the state of collapse that we’re in, rather than broadly taking (as the truth) the voice and words of the mainstream who are propagandizing our current condition. Unfortunately (but fortunately) as my eyes were opened to the realities that await just behind the veiled curtains of propaganda, I am able to adjust my preparedness for the economic calamities which are sure to come.

The question is, when things begin to fall off the cliff, is there yet another miraculous way for it (the big one) to be held back? Will only a few boulders drop off the precipice or will the entire cliff face avalanche into a horrendous mass of crumbling debris?

‘They’, whoever ‘they’ are, have (seemingly and unbelievably) managed to keep the thing going since 2008/2009. In the mean time many of us have seen through their manipulative actions, their pumping, their redefinitions and twists and turns of the resultant ‘numbers’, however it has so far worked well enough to avert a collapse. What ammunition could they possibly have left for the next battle with reality?

Question: Will the next economic collapse be partial, or will it be complete?

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