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Police say a major power outage is affecting the city of San Diego, the nation’s eighth largest city. Police spokeswoman Andra Brown said Thursday that 13 police stations were without power but were able to continue operating and taking 911 calls by using generators.


Cause of power outage: UNKNOWN


A very large region of southern California is affected, from San Clemente California to Yuma Arizona, to Tijuana Mexico.


A large scale power outage in a large city region is a nightmare scenario. If this thing lasts much more than a day, there will be ensuing chaos – which has probably started already…


Stay tuned for updates…
Massive Power Outage in Southern California


Update, NBC San Diego reports,
An event happened between Arizona and California to cause both major connections to the region to lose connection. Major connectors in the region have been severed, causing the outage.

And, of course, immediately, “The FBI and SDG&E officials said the power outage is not related to the terror threat.”

1.4 million without power; electricity may not be fully restored until Friday

SDG&E said both its power supplies were compromised, though it is unclear exactly how. Lines from Arizona and from the north appeared to fail, the utility said.


From SDG&E headquarters,
A “cascading event” overwhelmed the system, leading to “too many outages in too many places.”
“This could be an extended outage.”
“The San Onofre nuclear generating station was down.”
“Just chill out while the power is out.”
“We don’t know what happened to the [Arizona] line; all we know is that the line is out.”


For those in San Diego and surrounding Southern California regions, it’s too late. But, for you, perhaps not. Think about what you would do and how you would survive days (or longer) without electricity. How would you eat? How would you get water if the municipal water supply pumps stopped working? What about sanitation? What about your security once people become desperate? This is serious, and deserves serious thought and preparation. Think about it…


Electric Outage Map in SDG&E Territory

2 million people in California, Arizona and Mexico on Thursday, taking two nuclear reactors offline.

The power outage in San Diego has created massive gridlock across the city. “Our biggest problem right now is gridlock.” “We’re asking people who don’t have to be on the road to not drive.”

“Essentially we have two connections from the rest of the world: One of from the north and one is to the east. Both connections are severed,” said the SDG&E official.

U.S. Homeland Security has advised Americans to be on high alert after intelligence has revealed a “specific” and “credible” threat of a terrorist attack to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The San Diego Police Department and the U.S. Customs Border Patrol were affected by the power outage, and both are running on backup power.

“We want all of our customers being focused on emergency supply plans.”

Another major concern is water. The supply from the San Diego County Water Authority remains stable and safe, but some San Diego city residents may have difficulty accessing water as several pump stations are without power. City officials said some customers could see a significant drop in water pressure and urged residents to conserve.


5 Million
SAN DIEGO (AP) – An area with more than 5 million people was largely left in the dark after a major power outage knocked out electricity in California, Arizona and Mexico.

Officials said most of the area was without power. The area includes 3 million people in the San Diego area were without power, 1.5 million in Tijuana, 1 million in Mexicali, several hundred thousand in Orange County and about 200,000 in Arizona.


After 13 hours, power is restored.

A multi-agency investigation is being launched to determine the cause of the outage, which struck the entire SDG&E service area in San Diego County, southern Orange County and parts of Riverside County.

The blackout was triggered by a mishap on a high-voltage power line linking Arizona and San Diego, causing a cascading series of electrical grid failures stretching into Southern California.


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