NFL 1%ers Disrespecting The Flag

When you protest during the national anthem, whether you like it or not you’re disrespecting America.

It is astounding how bad it has gotten here in the United States with politicization of everything. The division. The identity politics. Race. It’s out of control.

The seeds were planted many years ago and they’ve not only sprouted but they’ve grown up and are bearing fruit. The problem is, the fruit is rotten.

It’s everywhere. Now it’s in the NFL. It began a year ago with player Colin Kaepernick (then quarterback with the 49ers) refusing to stand for the National Anthem before football games. Taking a knee…

Instead of using his fame and fortune to project his political opinion ‘off the field’ he chose to bring it to the game ‘on the field’ and drag the sport into identity politics.

Not even sure of exactly what he was trying to say, but I believe it generally has to do with his opinion that blacks are unjustly targeted by the police. A race issue.

Of course as expected the national media (we know how they lean) jumped all over it and blew it up into a national issue. They began looking for (and encouraging) more of this behavior. Guess what? It worked.


In my opinion these ‘take a knee’ 1%ers, multimillionaires, are sticking the middle finger in our faces and the face of this country. And I believe that the majority of fans and other Americans agree…

This was evidenced as I watched the Patriots / Texans football game yesterday (sorry, I’m a Patriots fan since childhood). During the national anthem the Houston players locked arms in solidarity of their ‘demonstration/protest’ and some of the Patriots players (ughh!) took a knee! Immediately during the anthem the fans began shouting “STAND UP!” “STAND UP!”. When the anthem ended the fans began LOUDLY BOOING the players who would not stand. Of course the TV network immediately went to commercial break (can’t let the Americans know that they’re actually pissed off about this!).

This happened all around the league yesterday, lots of players ‘taking a knee’ and joining arms in solidarity & protest. This was partly in response to President Trump who himself (in his classic tough stance fashion) recently expressed his opinion being ‘pissed off’ that this is happening (NFL players disrespecting the flag and what it represents).

Of course the minute that Trump is brought into the conversation about half the people start foaming at the mouth while the other half yell “yah, right on!”.

That said, the NFL is a business and yes the owners as such have a right to allow or disallow this behavior. However I personally strongly wish they would disallow it and keep the game as it had been, A SPORTING EVENT!

Not everyone is into a sport, or sports, but it’s an outlet. A place where you can go or watch on TV to escape the world for a few hours. It’s entertainment. We don’t want to see political BS!

Football is deeply ‘American’. The NFL has historically and successfully marketed and branded the sport with distinctive emotions and values that attempt to tie in with the core of who we are as Americans. The middle class (the majority of us). Tough and hard working patriots. People who love this country.

Americans don’t begrudge athletes their free-speech rights but disrespecting the national anthem puts partisanship above a symbol of nationhood that thousands have died for. Players who chose to kneel shouldn’t be surprised that fans around the country booed them on Sunday.

-Wall Street Journal

These rich entertainers (1%ers) are ‘on the clock’ demonstrating. How many employers would think that it’s a good idea while you’re at work to demonstrate for whatever it is they think they are demonstrating for instead of just going out and doing your job.

Politicization and identity politics are infecting, dividing, and ruining this nation. It is very unhealthy and it is going to become very dangerous if not stopped. Will it be stopped? I don’t know. I have my doubts.

The NFL issue is ‘blowing up’ this morning as I read headlines and articles all around the Internet. Fans are very upset over the fact that more than 150 players around the league ‘took a knee’ during yesterday’s games while the national anthem played and I wonder what (if any) repercussions we might see.

The evident battle between the anti-American left and the pro-American right has been ratcheted up a notch yet again.

What’s your opinion on this issue?