North Korea Set To Launch ICBM But Something Has Changed

Hwasong-14 launch, July 4, 2017.

Just an observation… While it is getting ‘regular’ to hear news about North Korea taunting the world with missile launches and nuclear bomb testing, the latest bit of news may be indicative that something has changed.

The last time that we heard about North Korea launching a missile (which flew over Japan) the report was sudden and after the fact. Again, we heard about it AFTER they did it.

There’s no way that ‘we’ didn’t know about it ahead of time. There’s little or no doubt that with our technology we didn’t observe them getting ready to launch another missile.

So then why didn’t we hear about it in the news before they launched last time?

Now this morning I just read “North Korea Preparing For ICBM Launch: Japan Press”.

…the Nikkei adds, …the missile is being prepared for launch has engine for liquid fuel, suggesting missile is an ICBM. It adds that the missile is said to be fueled already, ready for launch. As Japan’s Asahi further notes, the North Korean missile prep may be for a Hwason 14 ICBM and adds that missile prep is said to have started on Wednesday.

This Nikkei report comes after North Korea’s threats overnight that it will “sink” Japan and reduce America to “ashes.”

Something has changed. This time we are hearing about it BEFORE they launch. Why?

I know we’re not supposed to ask “why” these days, but I’m asking anyway.

Is it because we’re going to take it out this time? Or at least try to?

Is it prep for a false-flag operation ready to go?

If we act, then what? It will be NorKo’s next move…

Is there such a thing as “limited nuclear war”?

I’m just putting it out there for your consumption…

Hwasong-14 at a Glance
Originated from: North Korea
Possessed by: North Korea
Alternative name(s): KN-20
Class: Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)
Basing: Transporter-erector, platform-launched
Length: 19.8 m
Diameter: 1.85 m
Launch weight: Unknown
Payload: Presumed HE or nuclear
Propulsion: Two-stage, liquid-fueled
Range: 10,000+ km
Status: In development
In service: First seen July 4, 2017

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