The all-caps “PREPARE NOW” is for a very important reason and emphasis. And yes, I do mean to ‘scare’ those who may not have adequately prepared yet.

It’s too late now for the Venezuelans where the situation there has become desperate as grocery stores are empty and people are starving as they look for cats and dogs to eat – but you still have time to get ready for what may come your way. However I would not delay…

When the collapse comes (be it slowly or quickly) and when the realization sets in for the general public that a collapse is pending or underway, it will be too late to prepare. Even as the public then realizes the error of their ways having not prepared, and no matter how determined and desperate they become to acquire the needs for their families, it will be too late – because most everything will rapidly disappear from the shelves and be gone…and possibly for a long time and/or under government control and ration.

Unless you have been following alternative news or have been reading other international news sites, you may not know about what has been happening in Venezuela (the mainstream media apparently doesn’t want you to know).

Here’s a short synopsis:

Venezuela’s oil reserves and the price of oil has funded their socialist government. As you know, the price of oil has dropped around the world due to lesser demand from a slow (negative?) global economy coupled with oil production not having ratcheted down. For several years this has been draining the Venezuelan treasury as a result of socialistic financial demands upon their system of government. So, as the crisis has reached critical-mass, what do they do next?

The Attorney General and prosecutors target people who are “hoarding” basic food staples.

Implemented a fingerprint registry to buy grocery store food under allotment restrictions.

6-hour lines as thousands of people wait daily (under the watchful eye of National Guard) in hopes of acquiring basic necessities at government centers.

Government begins to ration electricity.

Farmers forced to hand over their crops.

Government shut down retail and took over all ‘essential’ goods.

Government forced farmers/producers to accept lesser price (price controls).

Resultant farming production diminished (not enough to feed the people).

Government Ministry of Urban Farming to oversee people’s gardens.

Government registry of crops and livestock to oversee the people.

Today in Venezuela there is essentially little or no electricity, food, soap, diapers, medicine, and most all other essentials. There is runaway inflation, protests, riots, looting, crime, people locking themselves in their homes, mobs breaking into shops, swarming onto food delivery trucks, fighting over products, and Venezuelans are actually hunting dogs and cats for food…

There has been a complete breakdown of services and acute shortages of nearly all products and essential goods.

Think it can’t happen here?

Yesterday I pointed out the stunning mountain of debt here in the United States. We are completely dependent upon others to continue buying our debt so that we can continue to build more of our own debt! Could this house-of-cards fall crashing down one day? You bet it could…

If it did, would you be ready, or would it be too late for you?

Just look at the people of Venezuela and put yourself in their shoes:











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