Ready Made Resources for your Survival

We have some great sponsors who provide survival products on Modern Survival Blog, and I want to take this opportunity to point out one of them, Ready Made Resources, who have an abundance of survival preparedness gear and supplies. They are a down-to-earth company located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Please have a look at their website and store, for ideas and perhaps a product you have been waiting to add to your preps.

Here is their extensive category list,

ready-made-resources-survival-productsAlternative Energy
Books and Videos
Composting Toilets
Fuel Storage and Treatment
Homestead and Cooking
Knives and Tools
Maxpedition/Military Gear
Med Supplies and Kits
Night Vision and Optics
On the Road
On the Water
Outdoor Equipment
Radio Equipment
Rain Water Collection
Security and Firearms
Pumping Water
Storable Food and Units
Water Filters and Storage
WMD – Pandemic Protection Products
Shower and Hygiene

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