Having just returned from running a few errands during New Years Eve Day, I felt it would be informative to post an observation that I believe to be telling about what could happen during a real crisis situation.

We ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things (in retrospect, it would’ve been better to wait until after the Holiday), things we didn’t really need to get today – but we did anyway. Let me tell you, I was astounded by the “bad” behavior of most drivers on the road and shoppers inside the stores, most of them with a genuine look of of panic about their face.

This was the same “look” and behavior that I grew up accustomed to while living in New England years ago, seeing it the day before – or the day of a snowstorm. People would flock to the grocery stores in sheer panic, and clean out the bread and milk shelves first, and then move on to anything else they could get their hands on. All the while practically pushing and shoving, rushing to get to the shelves first, and with complete disregard for others around them. Desperation.

What surprised me today was the fact that we are not in New England, there is no snowstorm tomorrow, Okay there’s a rainstorm brewing in the Pacific – big deal. It’s simply the day of New Years Eve. People were desperately grabbing supplies for their parties tonight, or Holiday dinner tomorrow. It was as if they didn’t have anything in their cupboards at home at all, or cannot deal with the store being closed for just one day.

I don’t know how many people dashed their shopping carriage into mine, and how many of them would dart in front of us – cutting us off in order to grab that tub of butter first, after all, their were only about 100 of them left…

“Unbelievable”, I said to Lauren. Imagine these people in a “real” crisis? It would be like a disaster movie where people are slugging it out to get the last case of toilet paper and people stealing the carriages of others madly running out of the grocery store filled with the last bits of product left inside the place…

Truly, many of these people had “the look” in their eyes on the edge of panic.

We really are just 9 meals away from chaos in this country!

I’ll bet that many of you that read this will know exactly what I’m talking about. Amazing, isn’t it?!

‘Just-in-Time’ technologies have really put the food supply and distribution system at risk…

Happy New Year!

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