The Elitist Globalist Take-Down of America

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Lindsey Williams, who recently interviewed with Alex Jones on, revealed startling revelations from insider knowledge regarding the current and building crisis in the Middle East, the plan to take down the dollar while double-crossing the Arabs, and the bringing up of China to top status.

For those with an open mind that are interested in alternative news and outlooks other than what is fed from the main stream, the Lindsey Williams interview with Alex Jones may be worth a listen.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Without attempting to lay out the history of Lindsey Williams, his predictions and sources, (you can do the research if you like), the following are the highlight bullet-points of the hour-long interview as I jotted them down while listening.

The premise, and this is important (and makes perfect sense),
The standard currency of the world is crude oil.

Stop for a minute, and think that one through. ‘Real’ global power and control, comes from those who control oil, which in turn controls governments, policies, and currencies.

The elitist puppet masters who influence and control oil, banksters, the IMF, globalists of the world have been, and are, pulling the strings, strategically with long term objectives and planning. Big Oil.

  • 1901, 1st gusher of oil in the U.S. in Texas (no big oil companies before then)
  • Big oil companies then led to industrial revolution, booming economy
  • Oil discovered in the Arab Middle East
  • Oil companies divide up the Middle East Arab world for ‘pickings’
  • Henry Kissinger makes deals with Arab nations that the U.S. will buy Arab oil (and not pump large U.S. oil fields), but in return, Arab nations will buy U.S. Treasury bills (which funds U.S. debt)
  • Every Arab nation agreed with this deal, except Iraq and Iran
  • The U.S. debt spiral began at this time, enabled by Arab T-Bill purchases
  • Americas oil fields would not be produced because the U.S. needed the Arabs to buy U.S. debt
  • Globalists teaming up with China and outing the U.S., and plan to destroy the U.S. dollar
  • Strategically created chaos in the Middle East beginning with Egypt, now Libya, will become domino effect, and trigger the Arab nations into chaos
  • ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is staged and supported by elitists to bring about the Arab chaos, nation after nation
  • Crude oil will rise to $150 – $200 a barrel
  • U.S. gasoline $7 a gallon, economic destruction will result, prices skyrocket, dollar devalues
  • China is entirely insulated from Middle East oil because of recent deal with Russia (now the #1 oil supplier in the world) to buy all the oil and natural gas they want, they do not exchange in U.S. dollars
  • U.S. Dollar will be dead in 9 to 12 months, by end of 2012
  • Arabs will be double-crossed holding so much debt, Treasuries, extreme Arab anger at U.S.
  • China getting SEC exemptions while translating as much U.S. debt (Treasuries) that they can into U.S. influence, purchases, companies, hard assets
  • China is the bombshell, they will become number 1 after the dollar collapse
  • American economy in shambles, oil at or near $200, U.S. oil reserves in Alaska and Rockies will begin to be tapped
  • Food will be extraordinarily high priced, people going hungry cannot afford food
  • New world currency will be ushered in to a desperate people who will accept it
  • Checkmate

If this information turns out to be anywhere near accurate, then we are headed for some very serious trouble.

We constantly ‘preach’ here to buy extra food and supplies to have, just in case. Don’t be caught short. It is insurance. You will consume these supplies anyway, over time, and they will most certainly cost more later on.

If oil and gas truly rise to these predicted levels, long enough for the dollar to collapse (that is, lose a whole lot of its value compared to today), then a very bad chain reaction will take place in the economy which will affect everyone. Badly. All bets are off at that point…

Buy groceries right now.

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