The Failure Of Government Is All Around Us


Former congressman Ron Paul said recently during an interview with, “There certainly is something very big going on” with regards to the modern liberty movement and said “The failure of government is all around us”.

There is a philosophical revolution taking place. The government has gone too far…
and it’s obvious.

The numbers are there (poll).

Maybe the Affordable Care Act is such a transparent failure of big government, and foreign policy is such a failure, and the intrusion of our liberties by the NSA and all its spying — it’s all around us, and it’s a failure. This intrusion on our civil liberties, our foreign policy, and the Keynesian economics has totally failed.

People are starting to recognize this… this government intrusion where government is going to be ‘taking care of us’ all of the time and making us ‘safe’.

We have gone broke as a country, while there is an extreme wing of liberalism that thinks we haven’t’ gone far enough — just like the neo-conservatives who think that perpetual war is not only the way that you make the world safe for democracy but it’s also good for jobs. Now, these groups are being marginalized.

Both groups endorse the wars, the federal reserve and the deficit, and they’re both at fault.

Watch Ron Paul’s 6-minute video clip on the subject…

Video link

What do you think? Are more people beginning to recognize the failures of big government? Have you been surprised to hear anyone in your circle of friends mentioning this? Or not?


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