The Gathering Tumultuous Times Will Challenge You To The Core


The recent poll, “Your Concerns For 2016” has revealed your high concern for the many serious and grim issues that we are facing today, many of which are apparently or seemingly ‘too far gone’ to fix, and are rapidly reaching ‘the boiling point’.

Even more concerning is the astounding (philosophical?) divide in America which has been building for many years. It seems apparent that the troubling issues themselves coupled with ‘the great divide’ will one way or another result in troubled times (at best) or tumultuous times (more likely) which will challenge the very core of every person regardless of their position…

A comment from one of our readers (‘No Joke’) reads,

When all the potential problems that we are looking at are listed in one place it is a real eye opener. From your list I can make one further observation. When the assortment of problems spans such a wide swath of the structure of society then “there is no one single simple solution”. Only some hellish catastrophe can reset or otherwise force the human race to fix what we have created. This event what ever it is – is going to get real ugly! Buckle your seat belt or should I say prep!

This struck a cord with me. I have thought of this many times before. And it seems (to me) that the situation is worse today than ever before. The situation that I am referring to is the ‘great divide’ of core beliefs and personal (and political) philosophies. This divide has become very deep and wide. This is of high concern. VERY high concern… And here’s why…

It is dangerous to back a tiger into a corner…

There may be better analogies than that, but it’s close enough to demonstrate my point. There is an increasing clash of ideologies in America, and the more recent one of ‘progressiveness’ (or whatever you want to label it – although I generally don’t like labels) has been advancing mostly unfettered in our government and in America while the ‘nationalists’ or the traditionalists, the conservatives, the constitutionalists, (you get my drift) have been mostly silent (with regards to ‘boots on the ground’ activism) as they’re increasingly forced into the corner, so to speak. While some have been ‘shouting from the rooftops’, the mainstream news and media (all owned and controlled by just a few) are in the back-pocket of the ‘left’ – furthering their agenda. The ‘right’ (so to speak) feel they have no public voice and have been marginalized – further widening the great divide.

There has been a very (extremely) effective shift during the past few decades (especially the past decade) whereby we’ve seemingly lurched beyond the point of no return. The indoctrination (by ‘the left’) has been effective in our schools, the movies, TV shows (it’s amazing – the blatantly obvious messaging embedded within most popular TV shows today), the news, the workplace, seemingly ‘everywhere’… And what is the indoctrination?

It is a value-set combination of Marxism, Socialism, and Atheism, which is diametrically opposed to America’s founding and traditional values – of which MANY (older?) Americans still hold true. My instinct tells me that the majority of Americans still hold these values although they’ve been silenced to the point of an apparent minority. As individuals, this set of Americans feel somewhat alone, and have been getting angrier and more frustrated by the day as the ‘new America’ unfolds before their eyes. In fact, the efforts of the (left) movement have apparently and substantially increased – perhaps sensing their last year in control of the White House…

The danger (a danger) that goes along with the acceleration towards the ‘new America’ is analogous to turning the heat up too quickly such that there is a tendency for those being ‘cooked’ to jump out of the frying pan… While the (left) movement has made significant and relatively rapid progress and inroads towards their goals, they have also created a ‘Grand Canyon’ of a divide between ideologies – each with very opposing viewpoints, directions, and goals.

This, at some point, will come to a head. It must, and it will.

Picture in your mind, you’re blowing up a balloon. You do not stop. You get a ‘feeling’ when you’re reaching the maximum amount of air that the balloon will take. You absolutely know that it WILL POP as you continue to blow it up. You KNOW it will be soon, but you don’t know if it will be the very next breath or the one thereafter. But surely, IT WILL POP.

Will anything prevent or delay what seems to be coming? Is there a way to let some of the air out of the balloon? Perhaps.

If ‘they’ slow down their assault, long enough for all us ‘old farts’ to die off naturally, there will come a time when hardly anyone is left from the ‘old America’. Having just said that, has this really become a young vs. old problem? I’m only in my mid-fifties and don’t consider myself to be ‘old’, but to a 20-something, 30-something or even some of the 40’s I probably am considered ‘old’… Is this ‘simply’ a generational transition? (I don’t think so), or is it the result of many things which are culminating to a time when ‘something is going to happen’…?

If a ‘Republican’ wins the 2016 presidential election, will this slow down or let some of the air out of the balloon? Certainly the balloon will pop sooner if the nation continues down the ‘progressive’ road with a win by ‘the left’, yes? Is this the reason why Trump has such tremendous dominance at this point in the election cycle? Is this a result of the silenced majority who are starving for someone who speaks more the way they do? If this is the case (likely it is), then is Trump a HUGE target of ‘the left’ movement? To what end will ‘the left’ go to rid themselves of this seemingly significant threat? The thought process leads to interesting (and dark & dangerous) places…

I just now had another thought… do you think that the progressive’s don’t even recognize that there is an analogy going on here of a balloon reaching its maximum capacity before it blows? Perhaps there is an ignorance such that they do not see the danger (dangers – plural) that is (are) being created.

Note: I am not affiliated with any political party. Instead I am an independent ‘critical thinker’ with my own value-set of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness within a nation of ‘borders, language, and culture’. It seems to me that all of these traditional values (and many more) are being systematically stripped down by the present movement of the left. And while it does often appear that both sides of the present political coin are just that…the same coin, the fact is that someone is ‘flipping that coin’ – and that ‘someone’ (entity) is a big part of the problem…

There are many, many more culminations going on in the world today, it’s as though we are reaching the perfect storm as each individual ‘storm’ is combining and building into one tumultuous category 5+ hurricane…

Many sense the dangers ahead, but I believe that many more do not, at all. It’s an interesting thought process to consider, but it is wise to consider. Because should the SHTF in this regard, you better be ready…

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