As I drove from east to west today across the state of New Mexico on our current trip, Mrs.J and I were talking. One of the subjects had to do with the political and ideological division in this country, and how there are incredible and powerful efforts underway to undermine the nationalist movement within the United States.


There is so much going on right now within this battle, however unfortunately the only side being portrayed to the public via the MFN* is the side opposed to nationalism, patriotism, and constitutionalism.

As a result, most of the population are not seeing the whole picture. The bigger picture. Most are being propagandized with a predominantly and highly slanted view, and that view is the establishment view.

I came up with an analogy today while driving. Visualize this… Schools of fish that swim in amazing unison. You’ve probably seen it one time or another on TV (e.g. Discovery Channel or NatGeo, etc..) Huge schools of fish all moving together and changing direction in synchronous motion. It’s amazing when you see it.

I compare it to the masses of people who simply and only follow the direction of the mainstream. None of them leave the school. They all move together in a synchronicity while swimming through life. In this way they feel safe and secure. Regardless of the direction, that is where they go. Seemingly mindlessly.

The mainstream media leads the school of fish.

For a single fish to swim outside the school, it can be a very dangerous thing, especially with sharks in the water. However if other fish joined that single fish while forming their own school, now you have some protection…

*Mainstream Fake News

Atlas Shrugged

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