It is a politically charged week for certain as we are truly living in historical times right at this very moment. Following yesterday’s heated discussion surrounding the question “Will Planned Chaos At Inauguration & US Streets Spiral Out Of Control?”, we will ask a new question “Will the furious actions to delegitimize Trump (an ongoing soft-coup) tailspin into a ‘hard coup’ if their present attempts fail”?

This week and subsequent weeks and months will impact your long-term preparedness as it relates to the direction of this ship called The United States Of America.

There is a new skipper coming aboard who intends to turn the ship’s rudder to another angle of tack against the wind. The problem is, the old skipper and crew don’t want to go that way and they are doing everything they can to stop it…

There have been ‘Deep State’ Admirals and Generals who for many years have directed the old skipper who has steered the ship according to their orders. They are now losing control as the new skipper is beholden to no-one and is not following their ‘orders’.

Enough with the analogies already… Trump has been elected President and will be inaugurated this Friday, like it or not. It has been historical as to the coordinated and orchestrated attempts to bash, trash, and delegitimize the next President with unsubstantiated allegations and false narratives – to the extent that any ‘critical thinking person’ knows this time in history to be extremely significant, one way or the other.

The threats (veiled and otherwise) against this man have been absolutely astronomical and have been coming from all angles of the ‘Deep State’ globalist controllers and their cohorts. These actions are not part of some game. This is deadly serious. These are VERY POWERFUL people with essentially unlimited money and resources. They are not going to stop just because Trump is successfully inaugurated on Friday.

A recent comment here on the blog contributes towards this notion:

These events have been strategically ordered (and probably from within our own government agencies).

There is more going on ‘in the background’ than we’ll probably learn about. But then, with alt-news and so many REAL journalists providing coverage, research, and the truth, we may learn who is actually behind all of the uprising. Yes, I’m calling it ‘uprising’ — because it is.

There is more to the DC uprising and planned-for chaos than just protesting Trump’s Inauguration — and this plan has been strategized for more than just diversion tactics.

Trump is being ‘de-legitimized’ intentionally because of his viewpoints and his platform. I believe the largest players in this Deep State game involves individuals both in and out of our government. Much is being carried out by the stoolies on the the Left, though. That is the narrative, the diversion.

Trump has threatened the NWO status-quo and is ending globalism for nationalism…The military-industrial complex is writhing because their plans and strategies of globalism and massive wealth for the 0.1% are being dismantled.

These uprisings will not end after Friday, January 20th, 2017. With corruption now being witnessed blatantly within our ‘intelligence’ agencies, it would not be surprising to see an all out coup d’etat to unseat Trump. In their wicked world, the end justifies the means and a Civil War or a provocational WW3 is not off of their war-game table.

-Modern Throwback

The entire entrenched political globalist ‘left’ (and even corrupted members on the ‘right’) have ‘come out of the woodwork’ in flailing attempts to stop what is happening.

Obviously the mainstream false news (MFN) have saturated their bandwidths with anti-Trump rhetoric since he began this marathon. This in itself has been a HUGE CLUE how the-powers-that-be (who obviously ‘own’ the MFNM – mainstream false news media) have been threatened by his platform – and therefore the deadly seriousness of all this with regards to his safety.

(footnote: I wonder if I am the first to coin ‘MFN’…)

We are living in a very volatile historical time. Nationalism is making a comeback, and the globalists won’t stand for it. While the inauguration may come and go with skirmishes, one wonders what ‘they’ will do about Trump once he’s officially in office. They cannot control him. So they cannot accept him. In their minds, he must go. I’m sure that the Secret Service have their hands full… Will they attempt a hard-coup? Or other method?

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