The MainStream News Media: Truth Or… ?

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“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
~ George Orwell

Most ALL ‘news’ and information that you see and hear on your TV and from other ‘main-stream-media’ has undergone intense scrutiny, control, shaping and filtering — behind the scenes — so that nothing enters your brain without specific intent and messaging which has been prior approved by layers of powers-that-be.

That is the way it has always been, and that is the way it always will be.

The thing is:
The masses are wising up, and the collapse of the main stream media is under way…


The main stream media has been steadily (and apparently more rapidly) losing market share to other alternative sources of news and information. Their traditional platforms of (propaganda?) do not wield the same influence as years gone by.

The decay of the main stream media and the technological advancement of computers, tablets, iPads, and smart-phones coupled with the boon of the internet, blogs, alternative news sites, YouTube, live video streaming, Twitter, and other mechanisms of ‘raw’ news and information is enabling millions and millions of people in search of real news in a wide variety of ways.

With more news and information outlets, comes more choices, opinions, ‘truths’ (and non-truths), — providing more ‘input’ for us to decipher and form our own opinions. This is a good thing. Diversity and freedom of choices.

News controlled by just a few, enables monopoly and domination over what shapes our opinions and subsequent ‘beliefs’. Most of us have come to realize however that these main stream media outlets all parrot the same talking points and messaging — often word for word! When it happens (the word-for-word phrase of the day), it’s almost comical. Switch the channel and they’re all repeating the exact same phrases and words that have obviously been given to them (all of them) from the powers on high.

The best way to keep informed of current events and their meanings is to expand and diversify your news and information sources. Do not rely solely on watching 30 minutes of the evening main-stream network news from one of the alphabet channels. It’s only ONE point of view that you’re seeing and hearing. Do not assume that it is the real truth. It is slanted – enormously.

You will need to have an open mind, and today’s internet is loaded with a tremendous wealth of ‘food for thought’ on countless issues, topics, alternative news, and commentary. Some of it is good, and some of it – not so much. It is up to you to separate the difference.

When ‘thinking people’ are searching for the truth, generally they recognize it when they see it or hear it, because truth has a particular ‘ring’ to it. Your gut will tell you.

Go wide. The more sources at your disposal, the likelier it is that you will get closer to the truth and/or the real issues at hand, or at least a wider perspective of the world around you than that which the main-stream media ‘wants you to think is important’.

It is my opinion that the main stream media is largely or at least mostly controlled by the upper tiers of the corporate-government powers-that-be, and the puppets and talking heads that you see and hear on TV are simply parroting the propaganda that is shaping your views and your thoughts. Not saying that it’s all BS, but a substantial skepticism is advised.

Always try to discover the other side of the story. Always ask yourself who has the most to gain by the slant of what you are being ‘fed’. When you really want to know more — follow the money, and follow the power.

Media is a very powerful thing when the masses have been turned into sheeple. Wars are fought and lives are lost over the ‘shaped’ opinions of one side versus another – all the while the puppet masters are playing chess while we are just expendable pawns enabling their game.

‘They’ are getting a good bit concerned right about now, due to their sinking demise and alternative sources of information (not in their control). Efforts will be made to clamp down on the internet, our freedoms of speech, our rights to criticize our government. They are changing and twisting the definitions of words (political correctness), creating more categories of ‘hate’ speech, demonizing non-main-stream points of view, creating new psychological disorders for those who speak-out. All this in an effort to clamp down on those who are messaging other points of view or facts which do not line up with their agenda.

I do not believe that they will go down quietly…


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