Tin Foil Hat

Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

Here we sit on the brink of many world changing events, Are you really prepared?

Yes it’s the Solar Eclipse (August 21, 2017) of your lifetime and at last count close to 60+ Million people are heading to their “special spot” to watch the Eclipse.

As of yesterday reports are saying that most Gas Stations are already running out of fuel. There are runs on the Grocery Stores and Hotels-Motels are 100% booked at 3-4 times the ‘regular’ price. There WILL be fights and aggravation of the Crazy’s…

Do you have your Tin Foil Hat?

We have a Country that is split in radical (extreme radical) groups to the extent that some are calling for a Civil War.

Violence is breaking out more and more in protest ever since the November Elections of last year, on both sides of the political spectrum…

Do you have your Tin Foil Hat?

The Economy is going absolutely NUTS! The Stock Market is over 22,000, Gold and Silver is bouncing all over the place.

Reports, again, declare that Social Security and Pensions are “running out of Money”.

The Health Insurance, Obama-Careless, and General Health Care are in total shambles.

Interest Rates are starting to rise at an alarming rate. AND the US dollar is no longer the Currency of most of the world; the Chinese Yuan Renminbi is taking over and don’t forget there is NO inflation…

Do you have your Tin Foil Hat?

Crime Rates and violence is on the climb in ALL major metropolitan areas.

The availability of police officers is on a HUGE decline.

Military Spending has been cut drastically over the past few decades.

The Judicial System has become a revolving door for criminals. AND the Street Gangs are growing in HUGE numbers daily. Add to this the Drug increases…

Do you have your Tin Foil Hat?

I could go on and on with examples, the point being are you prepared for the SHTF? …a simple Cold all the way to the Zombie Apocalypse? Or whatever label you wish to put on the shear craziness engulfing us all?

I kid about the Tin Foil Hat, but I’m just as concerned about the overload of how ‘bad’ it’s becoming for those of us that actually listen and watch the direction we all are headed. Then try to separate the MSFN (mainstream fake news) and the hidden truth, good luck.

The Tin Foil Hat I speak of represents the ability to sift through the entire overload of information (even here on MSB at times) and make an educated decision to be prepared, to what extent, and to know how to maintain the level which you want to live, meaning your lifestyle.

Preparing and wearing that Tin Foil Hat is not the sign of a Crazy Wacko, but of someone that filters out the ‘fluff’, truth and lies/false information and absorbs the useful-necessary information needed to make a choice in their own life.

What style of Tin Foil Hat do you have?

Tin Foil Hats


[Ken adds:] Over the years I have witnessed countless so called “conspiracy” and “tin foil hat” accusations towards those who have reported on things that may have sounded ‘crazy’ at the time. Then later (sometimes much later) those same “conspiracy theories” have been proven fact.

The mainstream conditions us to accept the “way it is” and to look upon others who challenge the status quo as “conspiracy nuts”.

However with so much that has come out over these recent years, many have woken up to the fact that accusations of “conspiracy” or “tin foil hat” do not necessarily mean that there is an assumption of un-truth or wacko.

The curtains are being opened and exposing who is behind them and what their agenda really is… Which is why free speech is now under attack.

NRP has mentioned a few things above. What else is going on or has been exposed that may have been looked upon as “tin foil hat” but it really wasn’t or isn’t?

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