The following list of the Top 20 Retailers in the United States, sourced from from the most recent 2011 data, reveals some interesting numbers when put into context with the debt of the United States and the budget deficit that we are running.

Let’s first look at some statistics…

The Top 10 Retailers sales revenue comprise nearly 50% of the entire sales revenue of the Top 100 Retailers. Clearly, they are the companies that are separating you from your money the most…

The Top 20 Retailers comprise slightly more than 60% of the take, with a total of just over $1 Trillion dollars.

Now with that in mind, here is the modern survival context…

As of this writing, according to, the US Federal Budget Deficit is running just over $1 Trillion dollars and our current national debt is more than $16 Trillion dollars ($145,000 per working tax payer).

If the government seized EVERY penny of sales revenue from the Top 20 retailers, they would barely break even on the current deficit, leaving ZERO dollars to reduce the debt. Of course this would implode the U.S. and world economy into social chaos and collapse… but the context is staggering when you think about it.

If the government seized ALL of the revenue from ALL of the Top 100 retailers, they would have to continue to seize that revenue ($1.7 Trillion) for 23 years in a row, just to pay off the debt! Of course this is impossible because the economy would immediately collapse leaving practically zero consumer dollars to continue purchasing goods.

It is amazing how the average American seemingly has no clue whatsoever as to the fiscal calamity that we are facing. They have no comprehension as to the magnitude of these numbers and the relativity thereof… (opinion based on lack of public outcry and the continued ‘lemming’ like behavior)


List of Top 20 Retailers

Name, Headquarters, Retail Sales

Wal-Mart Bentonville, AR $316,083,000,000
Kroger Cincinnati, OH $85,491,000,000
Walgreen Deerfield, IL $66,330,000,000
Costco Issaquah, WA $64,221,000,000
Home Depot Atlanta, GA $62,075,000,000
CVS Woonsocket, RI $59,688,000,000
Lowe’s Mooresville, NC $49,282,000,000
Best Buy Richfield, MN $37,551,000,000
Safeway Pleasanton, CA $36,923,000,000
McDonald’s Oak Brook, IL $34,172,000,000
Sears Hoffman Estates, IL $33,837,000,000
SUPERVALU Eden Prairie, MN $29,297,000,000
Publix Lakeland, FL $26,967,000,000 Seattle, WA $26,397,000,000
Macy’s Cincinnati, OH $26,344,000,000
Rite Aid Camp Hill, PA $25,256,000,000
Ahold USA / Royal Ahold Washington, D.C. $25,074,000,000
Delhaize America Salisbury, NC $19,230,000,000
Kohl’s Menomonee Falls, WI $18,804,000,000
Apple Stores / iTunes Cupertino, CA $17,825,000,000
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