2 Tier Economy

I will be curious of your opinion about this…

Do you believe that there is an increasingly two tiered economy / society?
The “Haves” and the “Have Nots”?

If yes, are you increasingly concerned as it relates to your security and preparedness?

To what extent might this two tiered society devolve and what are the impacts as we look towards the future?

Has anyone seen the movie, “The Hunger Games”? Is that what we’re looking at?


The Haves

Without a doubt many parts of the Tech Sector have been doing very well. Lots of that is concentrated in particularly well known tech city regions.

Surely there are other sectors that are doing very well too. No argument there…

Regarding the “really big money”, you might already know and understand that the current Wall Street “market” is largely a vastly over-inflated bubble with ridiculously high P/E ratios / overvaluations. The bubble has been blown up with money from the printing press especially during the last decade. And very little of it has filtered down to the middle class or Main Street. The so called 1% are benefiting the most from FED policies.

That said, many 401K’s have been doing well – which does affect those who are invested this way. Although it’s money that cannot be utilized in today’s middle class economy because you can’t touch your 401K (without massive penalty).

Side-note: Will today’s inflated 401K’s still be inflated when it comes time to retire? Or will the bubble burst before then?


The Have Nots

There has and always will be an element of the “Have Nots”. It’s just the way it is.

One might say though that our present society has been experiencing an increasing disparity between one end of the scale and the other – with fewer in-between.



Without a doubt there has been a visible increase of homelessness. It can clearly be seen in nearly every major city and increasingly seen elsewhere. “Tent Cities” popping up. Look under bridge overpasses. It’s a most interesting observation when you see it mixed right in with the “rich” cities. Quite stark.

How they got there is anyone’s opinion. Some are mentally ill. Some are from an influx of illegals, especially in so called “Sanctuary Cities”. Others may be those who have slipped through cracks in one way or another. But it’s hard to argue that it’s not getting worse.

The Opioid addiction problem has become very bad throughout the country. A contributing factor to “Have Nots” and even homelessness.

The Poor
I believe that more and more people are slipping from the “middle class” to “poor” (or “almost poor”). While this is not the case everywhere, I get the feeling that it has been a trend that is increasing. More “Have Nots”.

The “Welfare Class”
There is huge portion of our present society that you might call “the welfare class”. While some may truly need and deserve the help they receive from .gov, there’s an unknown (and probably large) percentage taking advantage. I include them here as part of the “Have Nots” even though they’re receiving some benefits.


Becoming More Desperate / Meaner / Dangerous?

A point of concern may be the apparent possibility that today’s deteriorating society including the “Have Nots”, “the increasingly desperate” are becoming meaner and more dangerous.

There has also been an incredible devolution with regards to political alignment and civility – which of itself is a separate topic. I bring it up because I believe many of the “Have Nots” are being “used” to fuel the fire and are becoming meaner and more dangerous.

I believe that a “perfect storm” would be an economic collapse coupled with what I just said in the previous sentence.

As all this becomes more widespread (assuming that it does), can the country survive?

What are your thoughts on all this?

Security & Preparedness?

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