Warning Signs All Around Us


The warning signs are vastly abundant, and surrounding us all. Are we as a country listening, are we as individuals listening, or are we just ignoring the threats that seem so abundant?

The following is a list of ‘warning signs’ that are all around us…

Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

• Dow/Stock Markets, not only the US markets but worldwide are crashing.
• Oil prices are ½, or less, of 1 year ago.
• Gold and Silver are no longer a true reflection of the value of false money.
• Food/Goods cost are rising seemingly every day. Unlike wages.
• Most of the world is talking of dropping the US dollar as the world standard.

Weather Conditions
• Super Storms that seemingly are occurring at a greater rate.
• Droughts, such as in California.
• Arctic Blasts are a common place now.
• Water shortages and massive flooding.
• Uncommonly warm winters.

The .Gov
• Complete mistrust in our leaders and Government
• Radical Candidates running for Presidency, on both sides of the aisle.
• Massive buildups of DHS/Military/So-On on our homelands.
• Huge indecisions involving Congress and the Courts
• Destruction of the Constitution.

• Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas just to name a few.
• Invasion/Immigration of millions into Europe.
• Proposed Radical acceptance into the US.
• US based training camps for terrorist.
• Daily Murders/Bombings/Mass-Destruction worldwide.

Power Grid
• Extremely vulnerable.
• Over stressed, Most Power plants run at 100% or above at all times.
• The weakest link and most crippling aspect of our way of life.
• Governments closing of Coal Fired Power Plants.
• Even Ted Koppel sees the problems.


• EPA and Government pollution of water supplies, Animas River, Flint Michigan, Etc.
• Inadequate distribution resources, Treatment facilities.
• Mismanaged rivers, Mississippi River, Columbia River, Ohio River, all with poor planning and resource management from uncontrolled flooding and pollution.
• Inadequate terrorist protection from contamination.
• Poor allocations to Farms, Ranches, Food Producers.

• Upcoming shortages as evident from many of your own commenters.
• Great loss of nutrition’s in the foods we now mass produce.
• GMO’s, need I say more?
• Contaminations, E.coli, ‎Salmonella, ‎Listeria, ‎Norovirus, etc.
• Improper long term food storage by producers.

Oil and Fuel
• YEA!!!! Gas is at $1.00 a gallon… NO!!! This is NOT good, we are losing tens of thousands of Jobs, and we are becoming even more dependent of foreign resources.
• Radical countries now control our fuel supplies even more.
• National surpluses are at an all-time low.
• We have stopped 90% of all US drilling and new oil exploration.
• When the oil stopes flowing, it will take years to fully “startup” our production again

Toilet Paper
• Never enough. HAHAHAHA, Sorry had to throw that in.

• North Korea has detonated a Hydrogen Bomb.
• Iran will have Nukes within ten years
• Terrorist have vowed to use means necessary to “Destroy the Infidels”.
• One Nuke could destroy the entire US, EMP
• WWIII is not really that far out of the question, just ask some of the wacko leaders in the world.

Civil Responsibilities
• Riots and Destruction, mostly fueled by our own leaders.
• Muslim Brotherhood among other radical groups.
• Black Lives Matter….. Don’t ALL lives matter?
• Loss of personal rights to the all overseeing .gov, Think DHS in Utah
• Loss of our Constitutional rights. We, you and I, are allowing this to happen.

You can do a search on any of the above and get dire results outlining the pending catastrophe that could result (from any one of them).

We live a very fragile world; we all have responsibilities to be guardians of our Country, Ourselves, Our Government, and of our families.

I have listed just a few of the concerns we all may have (and it’s only a partial list). It gives me the drive to become more involved and much more prepared for what “might” come. I Meditate quite often that we all live in safety, peace and prosperity, sure hope I’m right; but I really don’t see that happening for the long run. The Human Animal will, in my honest opinion, destroy our own environment we live in. Everything from the Economy, Power-Grid, War, to Civil Responsibilities these are not the responsibility of others to control, they are our burden.

We, you and I, are the gate keepers of our own world; do not make the mistake thinking “someone else will take care of me”. Plan, Prepare, Make your “Stores” abundant, learn how to take care of yourself and the ones you love, Smell the Roses, and please by all means remember to water the Garden.

What are your concerns, your worries, do you (like myself) think about “what if and when”?


Lastly, if you are one of the tens/hundreds of millions “out there” that don’t think you need to prepare, than that is your choice, I wish you well, but I believe you should at least think of your family, your loved ones, wouldn’t they deserve a chance if something (one of thousands) happened without taking the chance there will be NO help when the time comes?

…by ‘NRP’

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