We Are Going To Be Nuked


…says Joel Skousen interviewed recently by John Wells on Coast-to-Coast-AM. Joel, a political scientist specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, has been an expert in the field for decades, and believes we still have time before the inevitable day when the major cities of the US will be nuked.

Joel espouses a strong message for sure, but perhaps one that we should not overlook while being open minded to the possibilities of our uncertain future.

“We have time” he says, but how much time? He discusses various preconditions, some of which could present themselves within several years. However he believes with apparent 90% certainty that this will come to pass within 10 years, and quite possibly sooner.

He, and many others including yours-truly, believes there is a globalist agenda afoot, and has been for some time. Not a NATO-type agenda, but a darker globalist militarized New-World-Order agenda. One where ‘they’ want to force Americans (and the rest of the West) into… a new world government.

Listening to the 2 hour interview was fascinating. The man clearly is intelligent and has a unique ability to observe the many events going on around us (and those that have already occurred historically) and tie it all together in a spider web that all comes together in the middle, and explain it in such a way that makes sense – if you’re open to the concept of this conspiracy.

I couldn’t possibly summarize it properly without several thousand words, but my takeaway from the interview was his strong conviction that China will ultimately do us in, after an alliance with Russia (and China) goes sour. He does not believe that an upcoming war with Iran will lead to WW3, but instead believes that it will be sometime afterward when China has developed more of a blue water navy (China is actively building aircraft carriers as we speak).

My own observation of the relationship between Russia and China is that they are indeed aligned in many areas today, particularly when it comes to averting the dollar and transacting or seeking solutions to transact in currencies other than the dollar (a.k.a. the ‘BRIC’ nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China). In fact, the BRIC’s are actively seeking their own alternative to the SWIFT system of electronic banking (look it up).

The Chinese have a predatory agenda. They have always historically despised the West. China apparently has built over 3,000 “huge” bunker systems while at the same time the US gov’t has also built and is building underground bases and bunkers (according to Skousen). The elites in the US and elsewhere are having bunkers built, as though they know what’s coming…


Skousen says “Not everyone dies in a nuclear war”. This is true, although everyone dies in the targeted cities. He does not reveal the names of all the cities that he believes will be targeted, but he did conversationally reveal the following during his interview… San Diego, Omaha, Washington DC, Seattle, Jacksonville, and Colorado Springs. A logical thinking person will know that pretty much any major city will be targeted, and there are quite a number more that we could add to the list (I’m sure you can figure it out).

Most of the radiation from a nuclear blast target zone dissipates in weeks to a month (do your own due-diligence here), at which time our ‘leaders’ will come out of their bunkers, the military having been neutered/destroyed due to the preemptive strike.

The idea being that the only chance of survival for those who survived outside the targeted cities will be to join forces with them. That is, enough remaining Americans will be so desperate for help that they will accept the new global militarized New World Order to save them.

Globalists want to use WW3 as the ultimate instrument to put us in a headlock to get Americans to drop sovereignty after the military is decapitated and to become so desperate so as to do anything to be saved, and to then be ‘harnessed’. War forces people into things they would never dream of…


Skousen believes that we will continue to experience an economic downhill slide until this war comes… which will be a fairly big surprise for most because the gov’t will keep us from knowing this is coming.

The globalists motivation is not money or power. They already have all that. They want a complete control system. It borders on Satanic. Skousen goes on to identify some of the globalists to include Henry Kissinger, Hank Paulsen, and ALL of the federal reserve chairman’s.

He finishes up by suggesting to get away from the major cities, and that population density is your worst enemy (which we also concur, for a number of reasons).

There is no doubt that to prepare for such a disaster (catastrophe – apocalypse), one would need to take prepping to a very high level, the first level of which is one’s location.

We are not endorsing the opinions of Skousen, but we certainly are not discounting them either. Keeping an open mind to what ‘could’ or ‘might’ happen is healthy, and sheds light on one’s own threshold of tolerance when it comes to how far one is willing to go to insure their own survival.

How far are you willing to go?



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