Robert Epstein testifying at Senate regarding big tech influence.

The absolute power of Silicon Valley ‘Big-Tech’ (Google, Facebook, Twitter). It should be extremely alarming to everyone. Regardless of one’s political orientation.

Are you are at all curious or concerned about it?

Watch the following 7 minute video clip from c-span. It may stun you.

Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at American Institute for Behavioral Research.

He himself is very much a democrat. Because he is so concerned with his scientific study results, he’s blowing the whistle on Big-Tech as seen in the following Senate Hearing.

He concludes:

  • Google can manipulate 2.6 Million to 10.4 Million votes
  • Unknowingly to the voter
  • Easily swing an election

Epstein is convinced. Big-Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) will be ALL-IN for the democrat nominee in 2020.

Link to original clip

There really is no denying their influence. As a result, I personally am of the opinion that this alone will likely be enough for Trump to lose 2020. That’s barring some other overpowering or offsetting set of circumstances.

We have entered into the unknown.

Three far-left billionaires now control the political direction of the United States. (And that’s not counting George Soros and his influence, for instance).

Google – Current CEO: Sundar Pichai
Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
Twitter – Jack Dorsey

What happens when ‘enough’ people believe that a major election has been ‘rigged’? I suppose we’ll find out. Or not.

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