I don’t mean to lump everyone on the ‘right'(ish) side of the political spectrum as Trump supporters, however I believe that this broad-brush paints the picture well enough.

I sense it, I see it, and there’s no doubt that many have stopped prepping since Trump won the presidential election. Certainly not all have stopped, though a percentage have stopped and an additional percentage have largely pulled back.

Apparently they are encouraged enough such that there is a belief that the problems, the risks, the dangers, are either gone or suppressed to the point of complacency that Trump will fix everything.

The mistake that they are making is that there is an epic battle going on, right now, between ‘the deep state’ (yes, it exists) and Trump himself and the ideals that he brings to the table. They are diametrically opposed to each-other. The deeply rooted globalist/socialist/communist (and the neocon) opposition versus a nationalist/populist movement is on fire, and this thing is just getting started…


A recent comment here on the blog reads as follows,

Complacency has seeped into a segment of the self reliance community. Into the general population as well. Again, all is not well in Babylon.

None of my wealthy clients have returned either. I really don’t expect them to come back.

I shifted my paradigm back in October when the Intel pointed toward the ever increasing chaos that would continue past the election. There is no let up and in fact the rhetoric and propensity for violence is a daily occurrence. The instigators have no plans to let up.

No one wants to say that SHTF is going on right now, but it is. Maybe the fan is on low and just a few turds occasionally fly in, but it is happening.

I just suggest folks be proactive rather than reactive.

When it comes to a head it will get ugly…

What do you think? Is this thing just getting started?
Will it come to a head and get ugly?

The deep state, those who are entrenched in power at the CIA, NSA, the XYZ, etc.., coupled with their powerful cohorts both inside and outside the government, along with their MFN (Mainstream Fake News) outlets, will not give up their power, their plans, their agenda.

It is unprecedented in history as to the extent at which Trump is opposed by ‘the powers that be’. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even Obama (who has built a compound just miles away from the White House) is apparently behind much of the opposition right now. Have we ever seen that before? Hillary has not gone away either. They want to tear it all down so that ‘they’ can regain power and finish their agenda.

Nothing has changed for the better with regards to the gargantuan economic ‘bubbles’ that are ready to pop… You might say that the Trump stock market effect has probably made that particular bubble even bigger – even more disastrous when this thing blows up.

Just the other day billionaire investor Marc Faber said, “Stocks are very overbought and sentiment is way too bullish for the so-called Trump rally to continue.” “Very simply, the market starts to go down. As it goes down, it will start triggering selling, and then it will be like an avalanche,”

There are articles popping up about the coming “American Spring” whereby well organized and well funded disruptors and agitators will be bringing chaos to the streets of America. The powers behind this (and behind all other aspects of anti-Trump maneuvers) will not just stop. They have already proven that.

We are witnessing a constant barrage, a constant agitation. Citizens across America have become HIGHLY polarized. In all my years I have not witnessed such stark and passionate differences of political and ideological differences among friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, you name it… It feels like a powder keg. And there are factions that are purposely playing with matches who absolutely do want to blow it up.

The ‘deep state’ quite obviously wants war with Russia. Those who do not see this are truly blinded… Do we really want to mess with Russia? Does this seem crazy to you? Why are so many Russian diplomats/ambassadors/consulars/ turning up dead lately? They are playing with fire…

I could go on, but I ask you, why do you think that so called Trump supporters (or others on the ‘right’ spectrum) have toned down their preparedness? Do they not see the signs anymore? Do they really believe that all is well now?

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