You Are Being Tracked – Real Time



When a government is so entirely adamant on surveillance and tracking of its own citizens, what does that mean?

There is something very disturbing about the notion of technological advancements that now easily enable people-tracking to an extraordinary degree.

While one may ask, “What do you have to worry about – so long as you’re doing nothing wrong”, the fact remains that most of us are being watched and tracked throughout our day-to-day lives, while the vast majority of us are doing nothing wrong.

We have become numbers within complicated computer algorithms that are in real-time, scanning for triggers and thresholds which could suddenly pop your ID into a category that you may not expect.

Here are just a few of the ways that you are likely being tracked.


Credit cards, ATM cards, grocery store discount and loyalty programs, department store cards, bank transactions, cell phone tracking, RFID chips, GPS enabled vehicle tracking, E-mail, your current ISP location, travel – tickets, rental car, surveillance cameras, magazine subscriptions, memberships, affiliations, online habits, products you purchase, who you communicate with, on and on the list goes.

No doubt there is a government NOC (Network Operations Center), maybe named the CWC (Citizen Watch Center), with a cavernous room filled with rows of computer monitoring stations and walls filled with projected images, while agents watch maps, dots, and lines of various colors and intensities, any of which can be zoomed in for a closer personal look and last known activity, location, and history – of you.

This type of thing used to be fiction, only to be read in a novel or watched in a Hollywood movie. I’ll betcha that it exists today, somewhere.

The point being, as our liberties continue to rapidly erode around us in our former democracy, we should be very conscious about the fact that nearly everything we do and everywhere we go is being recorded in a digital database somewhere, and is being analyzed by our own governments computer systems based on their own definitions of good and bad and in-between, not your definition.

Surely this is not going on everywhere, yet, but here in the US, no doubt that it is.


A recent article from says, “Federal law enforcement agencies have been tracking Americans in real-time using credit cards, loyalty cards and travel reservations without getting a court order.”
Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans Credit Cards in Real Time

The federal government is building a $1.5 Billion cyber-security center facility in Utah (construction is underway).
New NSA Cyber Center under construction

The government is trying very hard to establish control over the Internet in the U.S.
A recent report suggests that they are now looking to establish an Internet ID for Americans. If something like this actually comes to be, then theoretically every site you visit, every comment you make, every E-mail you send could be saved in a massive database somewhere – for the computer algorithms to sink their teeth into.
Obama Eying Internet ID for Americans


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