dangers ahead during 2020

Recently I asked you to list your concerns for the upcoming year 2020 from a preparedness point of view.

2020 Predictions

Here’s a summary of what most of you said.

Losing Trust In Government

Lost trust in government. Corruption thereof. Congress and alphabet-agencies. Lack of DOJ indictments / prosecutions for high profile injustices (e.g. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and the rest of the Trump-takedown group). A commenter said “I don’t see the truth being released by the DOJ because the truth might just spark a complete overthrow of the corrupt system and possible civil war – like keeping the pressure cooker at less than 15 psi.”

Intensifying Anti-2A

The intensifying push towards disarmament (2A) by increasingly bold anti-2A government bodies (e.g. Virginia governor and state legislature). City politics forced upon the vast geographical regions where ideals are often different (e.g. most all VA counties have now become 2A sanctuaries in defiance).

2020 Election

The 2020 election results, and the repercussions before and afterwards.

Solar Minimum | Food Production Losses

Reaching ‘solar minimum’ in the current 11-yr cycle (and apparently 200-yr grand cycle). Potentially entering a “Maunder Minimum lookalike”. Resulting crop losses. Food prices will increase as a result of food production losses. Increasing scarcity.

Big Tech Censorship | 1A

Big tech going “all in” on censorship. Further erosion of 1st amendment. Someone described it as “digital death” of the 1st amendment by progressive/left big tech. It IS happening. All because, Trump. Must. Not. Win. 2020.

Destiny of the Economy

The monetary / financial system destined to crash. And therefore our way of life. Debt beyond imagination may finally be realized. Grossly overvalued markets. Massive propping up by the Fed (repo and QE injections) may fail to keep the balloon full of air.

For more, read the comments from the recent post, “2020 Predictions”

There were some opinions that were upbeat. Though most were not (due to the natural skepticism’s of being preparedness-minded).

Government & Economy

The majority of your comments focused on two over-arching topics of concern. Government and Economy.

The government has outgrown the people. The Economy is a propped-up blown-up debt balloon.

My Prediction

I believe that the biggest factor affecting tumultuous events that may unfold during 2020 will have to do with Trump / the November election. Many events and happenings will revolve around this. There’s a battle for the soul of America. Two diametrically opposed ideals are clashing. The masks have come off the entrenched “deep” side as they are now fighting with “no holds barred”. They’re all-in. There’s a great divide. There’s no compromise. There will be no quarter granted. And it all spells t u r m o i l.

What Can We Do?

What can we do from a preparedness standpoint?

In my view there’s not much that you and I can do to stop what’s probably coming. Rather, we should be prepared for it. And that involves the categorical preparedness basics. Shelter, Water, Food, Security. Have a plan to obtain the aforementioned in abundance. Stay informed. Stay tuned. In the yellow.

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