I came home from the dollar store with a 36 pack of toilet paper. My wife said I should wait until it was dark out to take it into the house, or put it in a garbage bag so nobody would see.

I didn’t want to take the chance that someone would be suspicious that we went shopping and would look into the car to see what we had.

I looked around and didn’t see anyone, so I grabbed the pack and made a brisk run to the door.

But all of a sudden I could see window curtains parting and faces staring at me. I went inside and locked the door and pulled the shades.

Soon there was a crowd forming outside on our front lawn. They were our neighbors. They had picket signs that read “don’t wipe us out” and “toilet paper is a human right” and were chanting “paper to the people”.

We decided to throw a few rolls out the front door to appease them, but soon they were charging the front door and ramming it with grocery carts from Costco. and then…. I woke up.

~submitted by “Chevy”

[ Ken adds: A bit of comedy amidst the unfolding coronavirus situation ;) (keep your cool) ]

(TP delivered directly to your front door via amzn)

Pandemic Survival

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