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I’m curious to get a list of talk shows and/or podcasts that people within this community listen to.

List yours (if you want to) in the comments below.

The list might be useful for discovering new choices to try out for yourself.

I’ll get it started with a few of my own:


I recall way back in the (early 90’s?) discovering Rush Limbaugh on the AM radio dial. During that time I was on the road a lot in a company car (field service) and would listen to his show if it was on. Today I listen once in a while (I only have ‘so much time’), though still enjoy his commentary on political issues of the day.


I guess it was sometime during the very late 90’s that I began listening to Michael Savage during my long commute home from work at that time. For some, he’s a controversial political commentator. But I always enjoyed his passion and hard-hitting opinion. Today he’s softened up quite a bit comparatively and doesn’t do politics quite as much anymore, but I listen to his podcast once in awhile.


Dan Bongino. I began listening to his podcast sometime last year. He’s ex Secret Service and has had excellent insight into the entire fake Trump dossier and Mueller investigation throughout this period. Blockbuster stuff at times.

Okay I’ve listed three politically oriented talks shows / podcasts. There are more. I tend to listen to this genre due to my strong feelings towards individual liberty and freedom – especially during these times when they are under viscous attack.

How I Listen To Talk Shows / Podcasts

Remember back in the “old days” when the only way you could listen was on the AM radio? Talk shows and AM radio always went together. It was (and still is) a great medium for that.

Today’s technology has allowed an explosion in what’s available. Just about anything can be streamed over the internet, either live or on demand. There are lots of great options for the consumer nowadays.

My iPhone

Whatever I want to listen to, I download it on my iPhone. I use a Podcast app that will seek out and discover just about anyone you search for who has a podcast. The latest is always automatically available and can be downloaded to listen later if you want (a simple click).

Where, When, and How I Listen

Out on the rider mower in the fields, or the tractor, whatever… Doing work that’s mostly ‘automatic’ or monotonous around the homestead. Maybe while working on a project in the garage. Or maybe while driving further than just a local errand. Other times while waiting in the truck with the dog while Mrs.J is in the store…

If it’s a noisy environment (mowing) I’ll plug my iPhone into my Pro Ears – Pro Tac (electronic muffs for shooting). The mower noise is greatly reduced while being able to listen to audio.

Tip: The following electronic earmuffs are extremely popular (they also have an input jack to plug in your audio device)

Other times If I don’t want a wire hanging between my headset and iPhone, I will use a pair of wireless ‘AirPods’. These were great especially while I was building my barn (hands free).

When I’m in the truck, my phone automatically connects via bluetooth to the truck’s audio system, so I can play it through the speakers if I want to.

Do I listen every day? I would say yes, I will listen to at least one show a day, sometimes more depending on what I’m doing.

What Do You Listen To?

Your turn. Any favorites?

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