There is most certainly a faction, a percentage, who want socialism in the U.S. for a variety of apparent reasons, some of which might be mentioned below.

My personal opinion is that of small government, though a laughable concept today.

After reading the following comment the other day, I felt compelled to post it:

from MSB regular, ‘Dennis,

Socialism and communism, historically, has only been successfully brought to power in countries with a large underclass of destitute and oppressed peoples.

The rallying cry of those who rose up against the ruling aristocracy has always been “They have too much, we have too little, everyone should have ‘enough’”.
[Ken adds: Sound familiar?]

This message is an easy sell when a population has a majority of folks living in abject poverty and no political power, such as Czarist Russia, WWII China, and Batiste Cuba.

It was not as easy to sell in the industrialized capitalistic west where the majority of the population belonged to a fairly economically secure middle class.

Thus, in order to bring about socialism in these countries, it was necessary to convince those in the lower rungs of the “middle class” that their situation could be much better if it wasn’t for the excesses of anyone further up the ladder, no matter how much harder those had worked to accomplish that position.

As a result, those pushing the socialist utopia creates “boogey” men. Therefore the narrative, “men have it better than women”, “whites have it better than people of color”, “conservatives who disagree are deplorables”, etc.

Religion must be denigrated and eliminated because there can be no competition for allegiance with the state.

In other words, the foundations of a country that has brought a general prosperity to it’s people must be destroyed. Once the shared prosperity is destroyed, or at least the people are convinced of their mistreatment, then the people will accept the socialist/communist “solution”.

But then, I’m just a bitter clinger, who lives way back, on top of a mountain. Don’t pay any attention to me.

– Dennis

[Ken adds:]
Vladimer Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism”.
Thomas Jefferson said, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”

In my estimation the following points apply towards furthering the notion of socialism:

– Divide and Conquer.
– Strip notions of self sufficiency and self reliance.
– Create a large dependent class by any means possible.
– Make it very difficult for small business.
– Regulate. Regulate. Regulate.
– Tax. Tax. Tax.
– Destroy the family.
– Indoctrinate the children.
– Grow the State.
– Squash the Middle Class.
– Grow the Lower Class.
– Punish the producers
– ‘Wack-a-Mole’ those who disagree
– Convince the poor that legislation can bring them prosperity.
– Convince ‘the people’ that government can do it better.

“We are living in a society filled with people who may not directly steal from their neighbor, but who are willing to demand that the government do it for them.”

The Communist Manifesto

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