Guest article by Lauren

“If You Have Nothing to Hide
You have Nothing to Fear”

Every despotic government in history has used some variation of this.

The Germans believed it before WWII, when Hitler was just gaining power, before children started turning in their parents. The Russians believed it before Stalin murdered millions.

Many years ago I spoke to a woman from the USSR (as it was called at the time). She was a teacher, towing the party line, and she believed it too. She had nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear. Until they came for her in the middle of the night, and her husband didn’t dare object.

She spent twenty years in a military prison. Her husband thought she was dead. She never knew what caused them to pick her up. They never told her. She had nothing to hide, but that was no protection.

As things break down we see a movement toward using law to criminalize certain groups—this week it’s gun owners. Next week it might be preppers, Christians, or civil rights activists.

So if suddenly you’re in their sights for something that has never been a crime, you’re a sitting duck because they have all the information they need to convict you in the .gov databases. The pendulum swings, and laws made to vilify one group are routinely turned on others.

Today’s Modern Tracking Technology

Today we have the capability to create the society the early socialists only dreamed of—a world where the actions of any individual can be predicted accurately based on thousands or millions of data-points. Where people can be tracked and controlled without a high use of human personnel.

Did you ever ask yourself why the educational system requires cradle to grave tracking? Why keep track of religion, parenting styles, socialization skills, and family political leanings in an educational database? Why track thousands of data points for each child that enters the school system?

It’s currently being used in other countries to label children as young as three as potential “extremists” based on religious teaching in the home. It’s being used to separate children from their parents based on politics that don’t conform with the accepted mainstream.

The statement “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” requires that we each answer two questions

1. Who is looking?
2. What are they looking for?

If you can’t honestly answer both these questions, for today and every day for the rest of your life, you may want to reconsider whether you have anything to hide, or anything to fear.

[Ken adds:] Imagine if they make a law retroactive (this is being done in other countries). Think about that. They’ve got all the tracking data (your purchases, geo locations, communications, google searches (I use DuckDuckGo), TV viewing, Alexa recordings, smart phone interactions, phone logs, friends network, photographed mail, subscriptions, interests). Hey, don’t worry though. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

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