( BLM mob throwing bricks and other objects at police )

by “Farmgirl” in Wisconsin:

It Was Clearly Self Defense

It was clearly self-defense, by a 17 year old who was out both offering his EMT expertise, and part of a local group protecting businesses.

First shot was someone attacking him trying to take his gun.

After firing, head shot, he stayed to render aid until it was clear the perp was being tended.

He then went to scoot out of there, was chased, and fell.

One thug pulls a pistol, another is going to ‘brick’ him, and you can hear audio of others yelling to ‘off him’.

He fired in self defense, there is no doubt in my mind.

Brick guy gets shot, and didn’t make it.

Pistol guy, and yes there is video of him pulling and holding a pistol, gets major wound to upper arm.

The young man then gets up, and tries to turn himself over to police, who seem to just ignore him and drive to the wounded.

BLM is doxxing he and his family today, and calling for visits to his house.

I sure hope folks over there have his back.

He looks like a really nice young man who was just trying to help his community.

Good info on all of this over at Nationalist Review.

The Communist / Marxist Revolution Gets Hotter

[ Ken adds:

The communist Marxist revolution continues to get hotter. These BLM thugs will not stop unless and until met with force. The liberal mayors and governors and their DA’s are doing nothing to stop this. In fact they continue to push towards de-funding the police. It has gone full tard.

The communists are showing up at more and more places disrupting the lives of Americans who just want to be left alone. The latest thing is the BLM mob descending on restaurants and outdoor dining — shouting / screaming into the faces of white patrons intimidating them — DEMANDING the diners raise their fists and show solidarity with them — and to recite “White silence is violence”…. or else…

More people are going to be shot and killed as this whole thing escalates.

Regarding the Wisconsin man who was apparently defending his life last night, now they’re going to “dox’ the person and his family – who’s lives are going to be turned upside down. No doubt their lives are now in extreme danger right now. This is what they do. They’re going to go after opposition with violence — because no one is stopping them.

This will continue to ramp up. ]

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