Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

Once in awhile I check reports on internet search trends. With rare exception top search trends are always celebrity and sports. It’s what America is hungry for.

So, given the insatiable appetite, I figured I would blog about today’s top internet search trend, Taylor Swift versus Kim Kardashian! After all, it’s like, what America wants, right? Well, here ya go America…

Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian | Who Wins?

First, lets start with American’s interest of these two celebrities based on States. Maybe this will tell us which State has more fans of Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian. Won’t that be interesting? You could tell all your friends!

Interest For Taylor Swift

As of this morning’s featured Google search trend data, Taylor Swift has the most interest from Utah, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine.

A little digging reveals that apparently there was a concert announcement that Taylor Swift will have just two U.S. concert dates in 2020.

One at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts on August 31 and July 1st 2020 (“LOVERS FEST EAST”). The other in Los Angeles at Sofi Stadium on July 25, 26 (LOVERS FEST WEST”). Isn’t that exciting?!

Some high level analysis on my part reveals that this is the reason for the high interest in Taylor Swift from her fans from New England States (VT, MA, RI, ME). Interestingly New Hampshire doesn’t seem to have as many Taylor Swift fans, coming in at #9 on the list. BOOOO-NH!

It looks like there are more Taylor Swift fans in the northeast than way out west. Although remarkably, Utah evidently has LOTS of Taylor Swift fans! WhooHoo!! Go Utah!! You Go Girls!!

Maybe if you all hurry, you can get tickets to what will surely be one of the most memorable events in America during 2020!

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Interest for Kim Kardashian

There is whopping interest from Wyoming for Kim Kardashian at this time! Google search trends reporting indicates a very high level of searches coming from the State of Wyoming for Kim Kardashian.

Well, that’s pretty juicy… So again I put my fingers to the keyboard for some very sophisticated analysis on this! And here’s what I uncovered…

Evidently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased a $14 Million dollar “getaway” ranch in Cody, Wyoming. Isn’t that just special?! That’s so great! Like, I know they must be so busy during their celebrity lifestyle that they deserve to get away once in a while! What better place than a nice quiet place in Wyoming to “recharge”! Yay!! You Go Kim!!

Other than Wyoming at the top spot today, rounding out the Top 5 States with Kim Kardashian fans who are searching her name this day, are Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, and California.

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And The Winner Today is…

I have downloaded the spreadsheet and looked at the correlated United States map of States. And we do have a winner!

Taylor Swift! Yay Taylor!

It was a fairly close popularity race, but today America is more interested in Taylor Swift than Kim Kardashian. So now you can go about your day knowing this important information that you might share with your friends or on your social media accounts!

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