This Memorial Day weekend, we remember those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

They have given their lives based on a variety of upper echelon motivating factors and decisions. Some of that rationale was clearly good, just and right. Others, maybe not so much. I’m not writing this to debate history.

Many of us may have relatives or friends who have fallen.

Lets look at it this way… this country has gone through many troubling times. Many wars. Lots have died. But you know what? Everyone still wants to come here.

Despite efforts to erode the founding principles of this nation, we are still the freest on earth. Even though some are ashamed of this country and its history, we on the other side are proud of our country, despite its flaws.

We are the only people who are governed under principles of God given natural rights, individual liberty, limited government. The other side is NOT going to take that away from us.

On this day we are proud. We are Patriots. Much blood has been shed for the sake of this country, for the sake of ourselves. We the people are not going to give it up.

End Of Message.

Update: I listened to Dan Bongino’s podcast today, Memorial Day, and was moved by his closing to the show. I hope you take a few extra minutes to hear it for yourself:

Our Security is in the Constitution

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