people are afraid to speak their minds.

Looking for your opinion and input. A discussion.

I was thinking about this based on a recent comment from one our regulars coupled with this Memorial Day weekend whereby we remember and honor people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Among other reasons, these people died for our Country, our rights, including speaking our minds – the First Amendment.

Why is it that today, these days, people are afraid to speak their minds?

That’s not good!

There will ALWAYS be disagreement of opinion on just about everything. And some or lots of it may be very heated! That’s okay! Or at least it should be okay in “the land of the free”, right?

The problem is that open discourse on the media platforms of today is penalized or not allowed when it comes to subjects that don’t fit the ideals of those platforms.

It’s not just online platforms either. It’s speaking publicly! If you don’t fit or comply with today’s ‘correctness’, WATCH OUT! You’ll be targeted.

I’m talking about topics of ideological differences that we may have. Really, these topics and conversations NEED to be out in the open, NOT censored. Why? Because when we don’t attempt to discuss or maybe resolve our differences, it festers, boils, and blows up!

That’s not good!

Unfortunately, on purpose, today’s major media platforms are controlling the conversation. That is absolutely horrible and devastating for this country. They are FORCING those who disagree with them to be marginalized, cornered so to speak.

That’s not good!

When people are penalized or even silenced, others who may have the same or similar opinions take notice. They see their brethren being attacked, some put out of business. It affects the rest!

They know that if they speak their mind, they too will be attacked and perhaps put out of business.

That’s not good!

When media platforms control the conversation and when today’s government does nothing about the monopolization of speech, that is a frightening thing for our future.

This, coupled with ‘the indoctrination’, does not bode well for the freedom of individuals within this country. Many are afraid to speak their mind. And we all know what opinions are taboo, right? (That in itself is telling.)

Ridiculed, targeted as non-compliant, and cast out of the system.

That’s not good…

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