Here’s a serious question for you all. Comment below with your opinion.

Do you believe that the prepper movement is fading?
Are fewer people into preparedness these days?
If yes, then why?

I am of the opinion that the pendulum has been swinging the other way these past few years. More people are feeling confident about their situation and fewer are concerned about being prepared or prepping.

(The Economy)
This is logical I suppose in the sense that “the economy” has at least on the surface improved the past year or two. I know the numbers are fudged, but “the numbers” are more favorable than they had been years ago under prior policies.

Conservatives and those on the right are not as concerned as they once were about erosion of rights. They feel relatively safe right now in this regard. This notion plays into it.

There hasn’t been a major or ongoing crisis to instill fear into people. This too would otherwise inspire some to get into prepping and preparedness to a greater extent.

I believe generally that the younger generations are more removed (than middle aged and older) from the way of thinking and lifestyle that might nudge some into self reliance, independence, and self sufficiency.

(Divide & Conquer)
Although divide and conquer tactics have been in full swing (racism, collusion, identity politics) the apparent comfort level is such that most people are content with the way things are.

(Bread and Circus)
As long as bellies are full and there’s enough distracting entertainment, most will remain content. It’s not until more are negatively affected that some will actually take action.

When things are rolling along smoothly, people become complacent. Normalcy bias tells them that all will remain smooth. Until you hit a pot hole. We’ve been “rolling along smoothly” for awhile. I know there are pot holes up there, but most aren’t looking for them.

(Prepping Industry)
The prepping industry has no doubt been affected by all this. Businesses have come and gone. Those that remain are surely feeling the pinch. I’ve seen my own revenue fall from what it once was for example. So I know others are feeling it too.

(How long will it be?)
Maybe until policies swing the other way again. Maybe until “divide & conquer” becomes actionable. Perhaps when the ‘other side’ takes over .gov and begins implementing their agenda. I don’t know.

(The Tide)
But I do know that eventually the tide will go the other way. And when it does, I will be glad that I didn’t fall to sleep…

Your turn:

Do you believe that the prepper movement is fading?
Are fewer people into preparedness these days?
If yes, then why?

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