primary preparedness motivation POLL

A quick POLL.

What is your current PRIMARY reason for your preparedness?

Even if you began your preparedness because of another reason, I’m curious about TODAY’S motivation.

Percentage Motivated to Prep due to Today’s Political Climate?

More specifically, I’m curious to discover the present-day percentage of people who are primarily motivated due to today’s political climate versus any other reason.

Whenever I post an article which touches (directly or indirectly) upon today’s political divisiveness, it tends to get real heated. That’s no surprise given today’s political climate (which is putting it mildly).

So I’m especially interested to see if this has also become a primary motivating factor for prepping/preparedness (or not).

In the comments below, if your current primary motivation has to do with today’s “great divide” / political climate, then let us know. Elaborate if you wish.

If that’s not your primary motivator today, then feel free to list what it is.

I’ll run the numbers after the comments settle down and list them here in the article – along with some commentary.


From those comments which specified a PRIMARY motivator for current-day preparedness, the results of the POLL are as follows:

25% General Preparedness (for “anything”, not specific)
22% Economic Hard Times (a collapsing economy)
22% Political Climate (divided, social breakdown, country failing)
8% Severe Weather Events (being the most likely to occur)
6% Lifestyle (general desire towards self-sufficiency)
3% EMP/CME (major power grid down, infrastructure)

14% Other reasons which varied

My takeaway:

There are fewer people than I thought, who are concerned (as a preparedness priority) about the current highly dramatized political division within this country.

It may seem like the situation is a huge deal, but evidently it really isn’t (comparatively). It’s an emotional issue which people are rooted and passionate about, the “great divide” and political divisiveness. But it doesn’t reach a high threshold for most (as far as being specifically prepared for what may come in that regard).

So, about 1 in 5 are concerned enough to make it a primary motivator. Though 4 out of 5 are motivated by other potential disruptors.


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