Me. It’s all about me. That’s how lots of people think. And it’s good to really understand this. Especially for your own sanity and security. Here’s more about what I mean:

A few days ago while doing my post office box run, I had an encounter. It wasn’t while in the post office or parking lot. It happened as I drove out of the lot onto the main road.

It’s a tiny little town. Speed limit on the village portion of the main road is 30mph. Most abide pretty close to that. Well, not that day. As I began to pull out, there was no one coming. But as I began the transition across the oncoming traffic lane (to make a left turn), some idiot came flying around the curve. I had two choices. Either “floor it” to get across the lane or to just speed up ‘enough’ to get across – assuming the guy saw me and was slowing down himself.

Well guess what? The person clearly saw me. You can’t miss my big truck. But he did NOT slow down. Instead, he blared down on his horn in a continuous manner as he flew by, just barely missing my rear quarter as I continued across the lane. You see, it pi$$ed him off that I didn’t peel out to get out of his way, even though he was probably doing 50. It was all about him.

Why am I telling you this story? Well it was another reminder how so many people are irrational angry jerks, and it’s all about them. And if you’re in their way, watch out…

I live in a rural area far away from real population density (though we have plenty of tourists during certain times of the year to remind me of the aggravation). With that said, even up here I encounter these types of people.

When I travel down to populated areas, it’s so blatant. There are so, so many people apparently “on edge”, angry, mad. Many of them triggered by situations that are there own fault. But the blame never goes on them. They’re everywhere!

Here’s the main reason for bringing this up. These people are going to absolutely freak out during times of real life challenges, hardship, or God Forbid – societal collapse or disaster. Can you even imagine these people during the Greatest Depression ? It’s going to be a major security problem.

While it’s logical that people’s actual lives do center around themselves, the problems arise when there is little to no consideration for others. Little or no thought whatsoever that those around them are also living their own lives. There’s seldom any self blame or inward looking self evaluation. You see, they never screw up. It’s you that did.

So much of society today appears to behave this way. I touched upon it in my somewhat controversial article about the snowflake generation. Though every generation is touched by this. There are plenty of selfish self-centered jerks out there. And it’s only getting worse.

What a mess. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that short story out there to emphasize that if it’s that bad during “good times”, imagine how bad these people will be during “bad times”!

Any of you have any similar stories? Examples of self-centered “jerks” who are surely going to be a problem when times get tough? I’m not necessarily talking about ignorant people. I’m referring to those who are apparently fully aware, but just don’t give a darn about other people. “It’s all about them”.

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