Seriously. Think about it. WHY are so many so called Snowflakes so easily triggered?

I ask why because I wonder how we got here. I wonder how much worse things might be in another 10 years. And so on. Where is this all headed?

What is a Snowflake | The Snowflake Generation?

Generation Snowflake. Snowflake is a slang term for what appears to be a generation of people who are evidently over emotional, very easily offended, quite intolerant, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.

In fact, if there’s a snowflake reading this right now, they’re very likely offended already. Just know that is not my intent. Not all of you are snowflakes.

The Collins dictionary defines a snowflake as the generation of people who became adults in the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offense than previous generations.

That would generally be those who today would be in their 20’s to late 20’s. Though I believe there are some who are in their early 30’s too.

Working backwards, the so called snowflake generation were generally born beginning in the early 1990’s.

Snowflake Generation | What Happened During Their Upbringing?

This is what I’m after. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen?

The average age of first-time moms during the 1990’s was about 24 years of age according to a internet search revealing data from (Average Age Of First-Time Moms Keeps Climbing In The U.S.)

age of first time mothers from 1970 - 2014

For the sake of interest, that puts the general birth dates of the 1990’s parents of that time (who themselves were ’20-somethings’) to be very late 1960’s into the decade of the 1970’s. Parents of the snowflake generation basically grew up in the 70’s and 80’s (where they formed their ‘values’ and such – some of which apparently translated to their snowflake children).

Snowflake Influencing Factors

In my estimation, a number of factors are in play. Children are essentially born with minds of mush. Environmental factors shape them into what they eventually become. That’s a generalization, but logical. So what are the factors?

Most external influence would come from a combination of the parents themselves, school, and the lifestyle of the era.

What Made Snowflakes Over-Sensitive and Easily Triggered?

I’m just guessing here. But first thing that comes to mind is being overly coddled coupled with inadequate discipline. Thus not facing and learning to deal with issues during their primary ‘forming’ years of growth.

Perhaps parents of that time spoiled their children more than previous generations? Maybe they had more money to spend on them comparatively, which lead to the kids getting what they want (perhaps more than they should)? Becoming ‘entitled’?

Political Correctness (or PC, which actually is cultural Marxism) began to become a problem in the USA during the later 1980’s and then into the 1990’s. I bring this up because the snowflake generation grew up right when all this became a ‘thing’. Today as adults they are particularly triggered by words, phrases, and ideals which rub against PC or challenge their own ideals and beliefs.

Schools, from early age through high school, and then college. Many will agree that America’s public schools and universities have become socialist indoctrination factories to varying extents. College professors lean mostly left (a well known fact) and many are actually anti-American. Kids going to these types of schools tend to come out with many triggerable indoctrinated ‘issues’.

What else? I’m curious to read the comments with your opinion.

Why do I bring this up on a preparedness blog?

Well, these people are the future of this nation. In the interim we are experiencing social and civil unrest in this country as a result of opposing views. And it’s getting worse.

In my view the situation is a high concern for the preparedness-minded. I’m confident that I see the big picture of what’s going on in this regard. There are many influencing factors that are shaping the current and future America into something that half the country doesn’t want.

As the snowflake generation lashes out against traditional American ideals, the Constitution itself, and most anyone with differing opinions, one wonders how it all began.

TDS has gone Extreme

When observing TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), I see a bunch of spoiled rotten brats who have no ability to listen, to reason, to rationally discuss. Instead, they’re angry, vindictive, and sometimes seemingly insane.

The site of a MAGA hat will send them into a rage, for example. And it’s often violent. Anything at all (and I mean ANYTHING) to do with Trump favorability is immediately met with vitriolic hate and ‘freak out’ by many of these snowflakes. It’s remarkably, frightening actually. Nuts.

Here’s one example of extreme TDS freakout (caution – viewer discretion is advised).

In closing, I’m sure that some snowflake reading this will be triggered, and probably didn’t even make it past the beginning of the article. Though that was not my intent. Not everyone in the snowflake generation is a snowflake.

I’m just curious to better understand how we got here. And what that might mean for our future.

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