The Red Flag of Hussein raised above the mosque

Current Events: Top Iranian General Salami Soleimani Terminated in US Drone Strike.

Following this event, many believe that embedded Iranian backed terrorist “sleeper cells”[1] here in the United States may receive their “go” orders.

And if that is true, you as a preparedness-minded person may wonder what, if anything, you can do to further prepare. So I’m going to suggest a few things to think about.

What Will The Terrorists Do?

We must consider the possibilities. You need to hypothesize what they might do. Only then can you consider a plan.

I’m not a terrorist profiler. But common sense may be applicable in that a terrorist sleeper cell will want to maximize their damage.

That might mean maximum casualties. Or it might be maximum terror itself – which in turn may ripple through the population in destructive ways. Maximum fear.

One thing’s for sure — the radical Iranian leadership have made it VERY CLEAR over the years — they want death to America. And now, apparently the first time in history, Red Flag (Jihad) has been unfurled over the “Holy Dome Of Jamkarān Mosque, Qom Iran”.

So, what are the possibilities?

Maximize Damage To Population

Food Supply Disruption

Governments don’t last long if the people are not fed. What better way to disrupt than to damage food distribution infrastructure to major city regions. How would they do that? I can think of several ways, which I won’t elaborate on here.

However we do exist on a “just in time” system — which if damaged in some way — will create a panic. And if everyone panics, they’ll all head to the grocery stores and clear them out. Then guess what… once that happens, it will be very difficult to bring that distribution supply chain back up to par.

When The Trucks Stop, It’s Over

What if they somehow were able to poison some of the food supply? People will be afraid to shop, not knowing. Then what?

In the mean time people go hungry. Which will bring about social chaos.

The preparedness solution? If you don’t already have enough, get more.

Fuel Supply Disruption

All food distribution (or any) rely on fuel. “What if” they start taking out refineries… Prices will skyrocket. Supplies will dwindle as people panic and fill their vehicle’s fuel tanks at once.

Electrical Power Distribution

Do you know how apparently easy it might be for terrorist sleeper cells to take down critical electrical power distribution centers / substations? A few years ago I wrote the following article:

9 Electric Power Grid Substations Will Bring It All Down

We all know that the flow of electricity keeps us alive. Literally. Now imagine a major city region without electricity? That’ll cause some disruption…

Blowing Stuff Up

They like to do this to others, and themselves in the process. Even a small scale blow-up will create fear and terror among the masses. The US population is soft in that life has been relatively uninterrupted here compared with other places where bombings are “normal” (sadly). So, “if” that were to become regular, people will freak out.

In retaliation for this recent current event (Soleimani termination), might they blow up a Trump hotel (for example?). That’s not good for business… Or if they decide to attack Americans as they shop at malls and stores, people will hesitate or stop going because they’re scared. They like to blow up airport terminals. People will become afraid to fly. You get the idea… It’s endless what they could do in a free society.

Water Supply

Even more important than food is water. In theory, water systems could be poisoned. Can you fathom the chaos if the water supply to say, New York City, were poisoned?


Bio-engineered weaponry. Chemical warfare. Invisible. Talk about fear… releasing a bio-weapon in a major subway, airport, you name it… Again, our porous borders will have easily allowed substances to get through, and into the hands of sleeper cells.

Economic Collapse

Needless to say, if these things started happening, it would create chaos in the financial markets. Perhaps the straw that breaks the camels back, so to speak. I’m sure the leadership behind proxy terror cells would love that.

The Takeaway | How To Prepare

I’ve tossed out a few thoughts. You can probably dream up more…

The best advice might simply be this… stay away from crowds.

Naturally, terrorism will likely fall upon major population regions for maximum effect. That means population-dense areas.

Most of us here are already prepared for disruption. However,

My instinct tells me that “if” there were to be terror events here on US soil, the most likely affects will be panic by the masses. That in itself will be what may affect you and I. That is, the follow-on results of said panic. Shortages. Prices. Economy. Chaos and Martial Law.

Martial Law | Could It Happen Here?

The additional factor that will splinter us further as a nation is this… The “left” in this country today (in government, media, and the population at large) will use this (if it happens) to blame Trump (which they do for everything). And it could get real ugly – especially as they continue to press towards his removal. We’re already torn. This will make it worse.

Shore up your preps. Keep your fuel tanks full. Get some cash out of the bank (I just did – never hurts to have some). Stay in the yellow.

[1] Sleeper Cells | Terrorists who have blended in to communities. They live here, work here, have ‘front’ businesses here. With US open-border policies and sanctuary havens, it is highly probable that easy-entry has enabled the embedding of sleeper cells throughout the US.

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