Have you noticed?

There’s a Great Divide in America,
perhaps as extreme as it has been since Civil War I.

There’s little or no civil discourse about it.
There’s no discussion about it.
Except you might hear,

“You’re and idiot!”

You all know what I’m talking about, because it has seemingly affected everyone… The great political divide. But it goes beyond political. It’s more of an outlook on life. Core belief stuff… It touches on many things.

I don’t like to label it as left vs. right, but that’s easiest I suppose. Short one syllable words. However it’s more complicated than that.

Maybe it’s more like globalism vs. nationalism (and their associated ideals).

To break it down further, maybe it’s socialism vs. individualism.

We as humans form tribes. The way it has always been.

Sometimes a tribe will join up with another in order to serve mutual beneficial purpose.

Other times tribes will fight (over resources or other issues). As humans we don’t always “get along”. Just the way it is.

While a conversation about tribalism can get complicated (purpose, ideals, and much more), I’m using this as a convenience for discussion.

Most people identify (even today) with a tribe. Political, a religion, family, a club, a team, a country. You get the idea.

Nationalism is one tribe for a given country.

Globalism, one might say is one tribe for the world. (Is that even possible, given geopolitical differences, human nature, and other differing factors?) I don’t believe so. There are too many variables. I personally believe that globalism is “simply” (is it really that simple?) about ultimate power & control over humanity.

(in many ways)

– Those preferring smaller tribe, smaller government, individualism.

– Those indoctrinated into ideals of globalism, big government, “government knows best”.

How about “Producers” & “Takers”. “Black” & “White”. “Trump haters” & “MAGA supporters”.

I know it’s more complicated and intricate than that. But I’m trying to keep it short.

The divide is so deep that it is becoming increasingly dangerous.

What I’m seeing in my estimation is this… Globalism is losing right now and they (and their tribe) have become increasingly unhinged and desperate. They’re lashing out in all sorts of seemingly “insane” ways. When a tribe feels desperate, that’s a dangerous thing.

Sort of related, and what inspired me to post this, is an observation from an article that I read this morning: “Robert De Niro Shouts “F**k Trump” At Tony Awards, Gets Standing Ovation”. If the video is still there, you might want to check it out for the crowd reaction and then come back here and continue…

The hysteria is nothing like I’ve ever seen in my life. That Hollywood crowd (in the linked video) and their seething contempt is representative of much of “the left” and how they feel. Now compare that to a Trump rally where tens of thousands will gather and cheer with deep passion.

This exemplifies the deep divide. Both ‘sides’ are deeply passionate.

Each side essentially shouting to the other, “You’re an idiot!”.

Remember awhile back (during 2015) when a picture of a dress went viral around the internet? You were asked to identify the color of the dress to be either black and blue or white and gold. No one could agree.

Here’s the original photograph of that dress:

The Dress


The color of the dress exemplifies how we as humans perceive things differently, sometimes extremely differently. And we’re 100% convinced we’re right.

When we’re so divided on seemingly more important things than the color of a dress, where does it lead when either side has great difficulty communicating with the other, as though there’s a solid barrier in the way?

Answer: It leads to trouble.

Like I said earlier, I don’t really like to lump ideals into today’s stereotypical “left” and “right”. But it’s convenient. Sure, I identify more with the right, but I abhor what some of the right are doing. Many of them are “in bed” with the globalist agenda for example.

Maybe there’s a third outlook: “Neither”.

Politics tends to ruin a conversation because there’s no way anyone is going to change the mind of another in a single conversation or comment thread. It tends to get passionate and angry. Our ideals are embedded in our being over a lifetime. Emotions often get in the way.

When it comes to the Preparedness Lifestyle, I know there are a number of ideals among this “tribe”. Probably ‘mostly’ “the right” or Libertarian mindset…

That said, just by identifying with the preparedness lifestyle reveals something about us:

We must be more self responsible and self reliant to mitigate or reduce dependency upon bigger systems (bigger government too). For most it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily against big systems – but we understand that dependency itself is risky. While others have no problem or concern about depending on others, big systems, or big government – in fact many of them relish it.

I feel like I’m rambling a bit. So where am I going with this?

I’m pointing out that the divide is still there. There’s hot boiling lava down there in that abyss in-between the two apparent sides.

Will it erupt? It might. It might not. However I prepare as though “it might”.

What do you think?

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