I’ve thought of this a number of times during the past few years. This morning I read a comment on our open-forum which reflects my own curiosity:

Has anyone thought about this; when Obama was prez the survival biz went nuts when it looked like Hillary was going to win.

Trump wins, survival/prep biz fizzles.

But it looks like Trump is going to win 2020, so why aren’t those others into the survival/prep thing?

What’s their plan? Are they really out there or is that all just media hype of foes that don’t really exist?

~ MSB reader, ‘Chevy’

‘The Right’ prepped for a Hillary Presidency

There’s no doubt that ‘the fear’ of Hillary winning that election scared the $#!% out of many people. So much so, that they prepped for a possible resulting tumultuous time.

I can attest to the high interest in preparedness during that period. My blog stats were ‘through the roof’. The industry in general was doing quite well.

Though certainly not everyone on ‘the right’ side of the political spectrum felt the urge to prepare, there were enough to move the needle in a big way. There was a very real and high concern that this would be the ‘final nail in the coffin’ and the USA as we once knew it would be dealt the death blow, following 8 years of Obama and then ‘Hillary’.

And maybe it would have… And maybe it would have led to a great resistance and tumultuous times, given some of the things she would have likely done.

But when Trump won, the floor fell out, so to speak. I wrote about it during early 2017: “Why Have Trump Supporters Stopped Prepping?”

‘The Left’ are Not Preparing for a Trump Presidency

Okay, now here’s the thing, the question, the curiosity… WHY ARE WE NOT SEEING “THE LEFT” PREPPING NOW THAT THE TABLES ARE TURNED?

Sorry for the all-Caps, but it really is curious.

They have been shrieking ‘bloody murder’ ever since that fateful day (for them). Their fear and disdain for this man is incredible. One would think that some of them would be motivated to prepare for the worst (from their perspective).

But they have not. And they are not.

Especially now, as polls are indicating that Trump might indeed win again in 2020. Wouldn’t that induce an urge to prep for their impending doom, especially given the frenzy that we’ve seen on their side?

Or, maybe (as Chevy noted above), it’s all just “media hype”.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2-1/2 years, it’s in our face, every day, every minute, how the mainstream media has been (and still is) absolutely relentless in their ongoing ‘Deep State’ coup attempt to unseat President Trump.

They are seemingly insanely fearful of this man. The hysteria has boiled over many times, which brings to mind this article I wrote back in 2018:

Mass Hysteria Like We’ve Never Seen

So why is it that no-one on ‘that side’ is prepping? If they were, I would see it. The preparedness niche would see it. The numbers would reflect it.

As we get closer to NOV-2020 and if it looks like Trump will win re-election, do you think they’ll prep? My instinct tells me no. There’s a different mindset going on with ‘them’. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they have their own ‘secret’ underground preparedness-niche going on (sarcasm).

Preparedness & Left vs. Right Mindset

The prepper industry has been largely comprised of conservative-minded people. Even before the Trump thing. Isn’t that interesting?

Does this all simply boil down to the apparent fact that ‘the mindset of the left’ is generally that of dependence, whereas the attitude of ‘the right’ is more independent and self reliant?

A dependent mindset will not prep because they count on being protected and cared for by a governing body authority.

A independent mindset will prep because they do not count on or rely on being protected by others.

I do not intend this to be a left-bashing expedition. I’m just trying to be logical about it. There are exceptions. But when grouped into ‘left’ and ‘right’ (which unfortunately is just the way it is – purposed division), it seemingly comes down to core values/beliefs – which differ. Thus the difference in the preparedness demographic?

What are your thoughts on all this?

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