train going over cliff

“There is an absolute train wreck, coming straight at us.”

The following are words excerpted from two recent comments by a MSB regular. I felt it deserved its own post:

by “Stand my Ground”

The whole of this economic situation has not manifested itself yet. Money and food scarcity has not really hit the general public, yet.

But, it will, and sooner than expected. I know for a fact, this is so. I have talked to the Reps I know who are field mangers and plant managers, in Wash, Id, Ore and Montana.

There is a real shortage, right now. Food, frozen, dairy or canned, on the shelves right now, was not supposed to leave the warehouses until Oct. They will be out of inventory by the end of June. Depending on the 2020 harvest to resupply the shelves and warehouses. That’s a big “IF.”

These sheeple will panic, big time, when there is very little to buy. Plus, with hyper inflation looking us straight in the face, money won’t go as far as it has in the past.

These lock downs, have already ruined countless businesses, they ain’t comin back.

Bankruptcies will be off the charts. That’s just the start. Student loans 1.7 trillion, car debt 1.9 trillion, Credit card debt 2.1 trillion, Personal mortgage debt 1.6 trillion, this debt is gonna come to default. How many lending institutions fail, is anyone guess, but, it’s gonna be quite a lot.

People are gonna die over this Gov’t shut down and ruining of the economy, a lot of people. There are not enough LEOs to handle even a fraction of a percent to the trouble, that’s gonna flow like water in a stream.

This ain’t over in a month, or even a year. This recovery, if you want to call it that, will take decades. We are not a nation like we were in the 20″s and 30’s. We are weak, divided, fat, lazy, and the corruption and graft is uncounted for. We will fail as a country. USA will cease to exist.

What comes next out of all this trauma? I do not know, but, it will not be the good old days, we are use to.

Tyrannical Mandates and Orders

How weak we are as people. Willing to accept, treasonous orders, with out a single complaint. “SHEEPLE”. Being trained to OBEY. Maybe not so much here on MSB, but the public in general.

The un-willingness, to stand up against Tyranny, afraid to be that “NAIL sticking up”. The Freedoms lost, will not be given back, without force from the people. The jack booted force of Gov’t, thrashing our Constitution, is just started. This tyranny is not over, by a long shot.

The tyrannical mandates and orders being made by mostly Democrat governors across the country is a disgusting display of fascism, Sedition and out right Tyranny. Their mandates violate the Constitution, but are being enforced by their police state thugs. Freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and 2nd, 4th, 8th,Amendment rights are being shut-down

The old rule-book isn’t and wasn’t going to work, either. We are way outside the boundaries of yesterday’s normal now — and so playing by yesterday’s rules is never a good winning tactical position. And yet…that’s exactly what the American government did. FUBAR!

The Gov’t over reacted, Two states, have 46% of the confirmed cases and more than half the deaths, but make up only 9% of the nation’s population. That means in the other 48 states less than 0.1% of their population has a confirmed case. And for that our so-called leaders shut down the country and purposely manufactured a 2nd Great Depression.

This mess, is not gonna be solved, by throwing money at it, like candy at a parade. Gov’t is so corrupt, that the majority of this money, will NEVER reach the people who would really benefit, it’s just gonna make the rich, richer, screw us. The ruling class has violated every moral and ethical code known to man, and will continue to do so until they are stopped. Just look at what the Democrats want in the “NEXT” bill.

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading the major plans for what comes after social distancing. You can read them, too. There’s one from the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, the left-leaning Center for American Progress, Harvard University’s Safra Center for Ethics, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer. They are not good.

We are watching how an economy dies, my friends, in real time. And when an economy dies, a healthy, sane, civilized society goes with it. Is that America’s future? Isn’t that already America’s present situation? I’ll leave that part to you to judge.

I, along with many other like minded people in this country, and here on MSB, have been stoically living a common sense, prepper life style, prudently managing our affairs, working and saving, not being lured into worthless debt, preparing for the challenges we saw ahead, and viewing everything spewed by politicians or media talking heads as nothing but horse sh-t.

I’m not willing to sacrifice my liberty and freedoms for the safety and security of Government. This farce has gone on for far too long. Once we surrender our liberty, it can never be recovered.

At some point in the near future a few heroes will summon the courage to push back and ignite the patriotic spirit that founded this country – liberty or death. Which will you choose?

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

~ Stand my Ground

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