Mysterious Booms at Night

Being reported all around the country (and parts of the world) are mysterious booms and strange mysterious sounds, often in the middle of the night.

Many people have described the sounds in various ways. Some describe them like very low frequency pressure waves, booms, bangs, groans, rumble, whines, grinding, metal scraping sounds, trumpets, hums, even explosions.

All of it seemingly loud and massive with such apparent intensity such that a very large force must be causing it.

I have read various reports of these mysterious sounds over recent times, and this morning’s report on ZeroHedge of “Mystery Booms Across Pennsylvania” originally sourced from a local CBS affiliate there, sparked my interest again.

I have always been skeptical about these reports while also remaining curious about the apparent phenomenon.

No doubt that many (if not a majority) of related online videos are fake. On the other hand, some of this might not be fake. There may be other ‘things’ going on. Other explanations.

Certainly people are indeed hearing sounds. In many instances entire communities are reporting it. The question is, what is “it”? Or is “it” just one thing?

Maybe there are a number of things going on…

A few possibilities:

Meteors, with sonic booms
Earth movement, tectonic
Fracking, strain energy release
Lowering ground water table strain
Collapsing (old) underground mines
Hypersonic aircraft testing
Swamp gas

Or are many of these reported incidents just pranksters / kids blowing stuff up in the middle of the night?

Maybe it’s as simple as the sounds from a train moving from a stop in the middle of the night or maybe just a garbage truck / dumpster clean-out.

Could it have to do with Earth changes?
An increase in fireballs, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions?

Or we could go out on a limb:

– Underground tunnels
– Secret gov bases
– Bunkers being built
– Tectonic weapon testing
– ?


Aliens living inside the Earth Core, cracking open an Escape Portal..

Maybe it’s the financial bubble beginning to burst?

Okay seriously,
Any of you ever experience mysterious sounds in the middle of the night?

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