What is hate speech?

The following is expressed by MSB contributor, ‘Chevy’.

Perhaps I am splitting hairs with this observation, but this is not off the cuff. I’ve been brewing this thought for quite some time.

It is about hate, what is called hate.

Hate is a BIG word these days. It has been unfairly bashed.

A maniac goes into a house of worship and takes the lives of innocent worshipers and it is labeled a “hate crime”. Really? Is that hate?

Hate might be a factor, but to equate that with hate is giving hate a bad rap.

I hate it when…

When I was a kid I hated the vegetables. I hate it when people interrupt me. I hate it when I didn’t see that coming. Is this the kind of hate that is equivalent to mass murder?

The kind of hate that we all experience would most likely be described as “displeasure”, but the word “hate” is the appropriate description of that sentiment.

Hate as a Bad Word

But now the word, hate, has been popularized as an equivalent to racist, radical, and terrorist crimes. Nobody wants to use the word to describe their displeasure with a circumstance, situation, a person, a belief and so on.

I do not want to be intimidated to not use the word “hate” when that is the word that most appropriately describes my sentiments.

Politicized, Weaponized

The word has been politicized and weaponized. And in so doing has been attached as an attribute to certain political/cultural elements of our current scenario.

My hate is not a crime. It is what I feel when I am deeply disturbed. Hate sentiments do not always lead to committing a heinous mass murder.

There are many other factors involved in leading one to commit such acts. Hate alone can’t do it. In almost all such recent and historical events that are attached to the word “hate”, hate is hardly even a factor.

Hate versus Evil

Political, ideological, radical religious beliefs that lead to such horrific events are not in the realm of hate, but of evil.

When I declare that I hate this political group, or that religious group, or that ethnic group; that “hate” that I feel is not the equivalent of what motivates those who commit crimes against humanity.

To express a sentiment with the use of the word “hate” is not an expression of intent to commit a heinous murderous act.

Weaponized Words for Political Purposes

My point is that I hate it that the usage of words has been weaponized for political purposes.

“Nationalism” has been equated with Nazism.

“Hate” is being equated with conservatism, and therefore support for 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

Christianity has been equated with “hate”.

Survivalism has been equated with the foregoing and therefore is a hate movement.

Be on guard for word definition manipulation as a vehicle for political agendas.

Ken adds:

I agree with the sentiments expressed above by MSB contributor, ‘Chevy’.

I, as many of you, have been witnessing the changes of definitions and meaning of words. It has been a slow creep. The political weaponization thereof has accelerated and is a clear and present danger to the Republic.

There is NO doubt whatsoever in my view that the First Amendment to our Bill of Rights is under attack in a major way. Unprecedented in our American history.

So called ‘hate speech’ is a big one that’s being used to curtail or shut down freedom of speech & expression. The tech giants and their 3rd-party ‘monitor’ companies literally employ thousands of people (along with their ‘AI’ artificial intelligence bots) to seek out and ‘destroy’ those who print words they deem as hateful.

The thing is with ‘hate speech’, who gets to define it? Apparently they do.

The ‘big tech’ so called ‘platforms’ have themselves essentially become biased ‘publishers’ in my opinion (and the opinion of MANY others). And as such, there should be accountability (as I roll on the floor laughing). No one in Congress (or any branch of government) is stopping them.

Big Tech Tyranny IS happening.

Even writing this short article on the subject with the word ‘hate’ will no doubt trigger and flag the ‘monitors’. (I’m not kidding, it will…)

Just remember this:

The 1st Amendment is not there to protect polite speech. Rather, you might say it is to protect speech which may be uncomfortable or even ‘offensive’ to some. Others may not like what you have to say, and there may be repercussions depending on what you said, but it’s not a crime to speak (with some logical and obvious caveats).

It is through discourse that we muddle our way through.

When we’re not allowed to disagree or have opinion differing from the mainstream without being called ‘hate’ or ‘hate speech’ (and subsequently punished) – well, it’s over.

Okay, before I go off on a rant, lets hear from you…

What do you think of all this?

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