Here we go again, another school shooting. Santa Fe, Texas, a small city just south of Houston.

Something surely has changed over these past few decades making school shootings more common place. Yes?

I read this comment from one of the online reports:

Schools from my era where not fenced, no security or law enforcement was present {didn’t need to be}. No metal detectors, or “active shooter drills’.

And yet, guns were just as prevalent, if not much more so. Now, our schools have taken on the look of a maximum security prison. That right there should tell you something. The guns have always been there, so that’s not the problem.

No one is asking: What is it that has changed in our society over the last twenty years or so, that has made these shootings common place? Prior to Columbine, shootings of this nature didn’t happen.

– TheObsoleteMan

Another comment brings up another logical point:

The number of these shootings / events is all out of proportion. You don’t just have near none for years and then magically have shooting after shooting. Human behavioral statistics don’t just rocket up in such disproportion.

………It’s like you walked out one day and instead of a probability of 1 in 2.6 million people being 7 foot tall, instead you saw a different 7 footer walking around town every day you went out.

It’s just not going to happen without some outside interference in the natural order. The easiest measure that could be taken is that the deck is being stacked by bringing a large group of 7 footers to your city.

And another:

This country has always had lots of guns and idiots.

Getting a 10 year old their first .22 was a pretty common gift. High School shooting teams, kids would hunt after school and keep their firearm in their car, etc.

No, guns and idiots aren’t the problem, their is something insidious going on in the US.

Maybe this is a false flag or perhaps our culture is in free fall and it’s driving people insane. It could be that the demise of religion in our society has taken away the fear of divine consequences leaving a nihilistic vacuum.

What do you think?

Guns are obviously not the problem (at least it’s obvious for those who can think).
It’s something else. What is it?

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