Why Was The Shooting in Maryland Ignored by the Mainstream Media?

Great Mills High School Shooting
(image: Reuters)

How much comparable news media attention has been given to the Great Mills High School shooting in St. Mary’s County Maryland on Tuesday compared with the shooting in Parkland Florida?

Answer: Essentially, zero.

From Reuters:


GREAT MILLS, Md. (Reuters) – A 17-year-old boy opened fire at a Maryland high school on Tuesday in an attack that left two fellow students wounded, then died after a gunfight with a police officer posted there, amid a renewed national debate over gun violence in schools.

– Two wounded in Maryland school shooting, student gunman dies

Look at the headline from Reuters for example.

If I were the editor there I might have titled the story as follows:
“Armed School Resource Officer Prevents School Massacre in Maryland”

Do you see how they do it? When the story doesn’t fit their agenda they make the necessary adjustments to keep the mainstream masses in the dark, or at least very dim light. In this case, downplaying the fact that an armed school resource officer likely saved other lives that day.

Here is an example where armed sheriff’s Deputy 1st Class Blaine Gaskill, assigned as the Great Mills school resource officer, shot the bad guy and possibly saved the situation from becoming a massacre.

It is a perfect example of good guys with g u n s.

Given the knee jerk reaction for g u n control following Parkland (where no one at the school was defensibly armed),

and given the hysteria coming from the leftist g un grabbers and supportive mainstream news media (g un control for everyone),

why not also debate the effectiveness of Deputy Gaskill who was armed and ready to defend the students at Great Mills High School??

Is this not logical? Of course it is. However it doesn’t fit with the agenda whereby the end goal of those defining the narrative is to take away our g u n s.

Additionally, why have we not heard much of anything regarding the apparent fact that the Parkland killer was well known as being a threat – and NO ONE DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

Question: Would more g un control have stopped the Parkland killer?

Why? Because bad guys don’t follow the law and there will always be a way for bad guys to get guns, even those scary black guns!

I’ve been around long enough to know that this type of logic is irrelevant in the discussion. Why? Because the true aim is to take down the 2nd Amendment. Step by step. And the process has been in the works for decades.

Unfortunately, (and amazingly!) much of the brainwashed public do not apparently comprehend that bad guys will ALWAYS find a way to get a g un if they want one. That’s not going to change. So why punish the good guys with even more laws? (I’ve already answered that – the true aim is to take down the 2nd Amendment. Step by step.)

The discussion in my opinion needs to be around what we can do to protect our school children while they’re at school. More laws will do NOTHING.

Instead of addressing the underlying real issues, there are organized student walkouts all around the country demanding more g u n control. Why? (I’ve already answered that.)

1. Most every high school has security officers, and many or most are retired police officers. My brother-in-law happens to be one of them. Let them be armed for God’s sake! Triple Duh!!! Protect our kids!

2. When a well known (with a long record) ‘trouble kid’ who is threatening in a manner to shoot up a school, TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY!. Why was this Parkland killer ignored given his long background record of issues? There are already systems and methods in place to go after people like this.

3. Know that we are living in a society of decay, broken families, a society that uplifts immoral behavior, a society that to an alarming extent rejects morality, a society that largely ignores those who have a mental disorder, a society on drugs (of all kinds), a society that rebukes and prevents discipline… perhaps we are witnessing some of the results.

Last note: There will be, and always has been, a bad element among the human population. It’s just the way it is. However, it seems that many of the anti-g u n mainstream public do not comprehend this. It is the bad element who use g u n s unlawfully, and no law will ever prevent this. We must deal with the human nature of this problem. It is the person committing the crime. We need to address that.

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