2011 Earthquakes

2011 was another shaky year for earthquakes, meaning, there were more earthquakes than ‘normal’ again this year, a year in which a rare magnitude 9 changed or extinguished the lives of countless thousands in Japan and beyond.

The definition of ‘normal’ is arguably a stretch, but it’s the best we have in today’s modern world. The earthquake quantity and magnitude data of 2011 is being compared to data that has been collected since 1990 by the USGS, which is conveniently listed on their website.

Magnitude 7 – 7.9
Average # per year (14)
2011 (19)
136% of normal

Magnitude 6 – 6.9
Average # per year (131)
2011 (183)
140% of normal


Magnitude 5 – 5.9
Average # per year (1,290)
2011 (2,226)
173% of normal





Map of the largest 5,000 earthquakes of 2011

Japan earthquake map – 2011

Puerto Rico earthquake map – 2011

Christchurch New Zealand earthquake map – 2011

United States earthquake map – 2011


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