A magnitude 4.1 earthquake shook the bay area of San Francisco today, reminding the 7 Million plus residents that they are living on top of a time bomb. Actually, two time bombs.

Time bomb #1, the San Andreas fault

Time bomb #2, the Hayward fault

The 4.1 earthquake today, 7-jan-2011, occurred on the Calaveras fault, closely associated with the Hayward fault, and was very ‘shallow’ (only 4.4 miles deep), which caused more surface ground motion than a deep quake would have.

This author happens to live in the SF bay area, just 20 miles east of the San Andreas fault, and 2 miles from the Hayward fault, and although today’s earthquake was located closer to San Jose, about 50 miles to the south, I was acutely reminded of the danger we live in when things started shaking here at the house. The 4.1 was enough to get the blood pumping, while we said to ourselves, “Whoaaa…”

Although no damage is evident, the event certainly reinforces the notion of preparedness for disasters such as this. There are more parts of the world than you may think, that are prone to earthquakes and the resulting disaster that could occur after the fact. It would be prudent to research the geophysics of where you live and discover if you are vulnerable too.

Are you prepared?

Food and Water

USGS reports strongest earthquake “felt” since 2007 in San Francisco Bay Area, even though stronger earthquakes have occurred (again, the ‘shallow factor’)

KRON 4 TV report of earthquake

KPIX 5 TV report of 4.1 San Francisco earthquake

KGO 7 report of 4.1 San Francisco earthquake

KNTV 11 report of earthquake

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