Arkansas, New Madrid, Rock-n-Roll


During Thursday, April 7, a concentrated area of earthquakes began popping off near Greenbrier, Arkansas, and up to the time of this post 24 quakes have been recorded in a short period of time.

Several magnitude 3.9’s and a 3.5 is enough shaking to get your attention, and strong enough to cause concern, as the region once again becomes active with earthquakes.

The earthquakes have been going on for more than a year, while some say they may be related to the very dangerous New Madrid fault zone. Others say the earthquakes may be a result of injection well drilling in the area.

The thing is, there has been a moratorium on new drilling in the area since January, and a supposed temporary cease of injection drilling so geologists could better determine if the drilling have been causing the earthquakes.

Two logical arguments as to why the earthquakes may have nothing to do with the drilling…

Assuming they have indeed temporarily stopped injection drilling, the fact that the earthquakes remain may prove they are from natural causes (New Madrid?)

The fact that injection drilling goes on all over the planet, and the fact that there are not earthquake swarms around these other locations, may lead one to consider that there may be other causes for the quakes in Arkansas (New Madrid?)

The fact is, something is going on there, and if it turns out to be a portion of the New Madrid zone becoming active, then there are a lot of people in very high danger (should the New Madrid actually let loose once again). This fault zone is likely the most dangerous in all of North America.


Looking at a few Helicorders today, two in Arkansas and two in Missouri, both within the New Madrid Seismic Network, reveals that there have been and there is recent ‘motion’ beneath the surface. I’ll leave it to a geologist to decipher, but anyone can clearly see that something is going on…


What can you do about it?
You can build yourself a supply of food and water, just in case. You can check to be sure there are no heavy objects (especially glass) hanging on the wall near your bed at night – just move them somewhere else. Things like that – earthquake preparedness.

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