Christchurch New Zealand Quaking Again


Just off the coast of Christchurch New Zealand, several moderate earthquakes shook within minutes of each other including the strongest quake to ring the planet in at least a week.

First, a magnitude 5.8. Eight minutes later, a magnitude 5.3. Twenty four minutes later, a magnitude 4.2. At this point the magnitudes were diminishing somewhat. However, forty-eight minutes later, the strongest yet, a magnitude 5.9. It’s not over yet… an hour and a half later, a magnitude 4.8. Hopefully that’s it, as of this post time.


Hopefully those in Christchurch who suffered through the devastating 7.0 earthquake in September 2010, are prepared for another possible upset. Lets hope this recent group of quakes goes to rest. However when moderate quakes occur in such short time, separated by distances of 5 to 10 kilometers, it appears as though stresses are cracking all over that region rather than at just one location exhibiting a shock, and then aftershocks, etc.

Something’s up… or should I say, ‘down’. Plus, a new moon in a couple of days?


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