Christchurch, New Zealand, Tectonics and Quakes

Last updated on August 4th, 2012


The following video provides a basic explanation as to the tectonics of the region near and around New Zealand, along with a look at the New Zealand earthquakes on the South Island and North Island, and why the Christchurch earthquake caused so much damage.

There are at least two lessons learned from the tragedy in Christchurch,

1. The fact that there are unknown numbers of ‘undiscovered’ fault zones, of which the Christchurch earthquake was a result of, is reason enough to be concerned and prepared for earthquakes even if you live a distance outside of known earthquake fault zones. The tentacles of faults can sometimes spread like a glass plate cracking into webs of cuts and splinters.

2. Shallow earthquakes can cause significant surface shaking and damage.

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Another Quake Rocks Christchurch New Zealand

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