I’ve created a kmz file (Google Earth) of the earthquakes which occurred in the United States during 2014, magnitude 2.0 or greater – interesting to browse, not only for preparedness sake, but for fun…

I’ve circled a few particular regions (shown above) where there were clusters of earthquakes (although there’s lots more), and I’ll zoom in on a few of them as follows:

Throughout the United States (and the world) there are obvious earthquake zones which regularly receive their share of earthquakes (e.g. US West Coast). While earthquakes aren’t a concern for most people who don’t live near a known active region, sometimes one (or many more) can pop-up unexpectedly.

I found it interesting to search for all of the earthquakes which shook in the USA during 2014 (using a USGS database), and converted them to a KMZ file to import into Google Earth for observation and discovery of the active regions.


Oklahoma Earthquakes

While looking at the state of Oklahoma it appears that there are two major regions of earthquakes. However when zooming in further, sub-clusters become visible. I suspect that many of these earthquakes are caused by fracking. You can literally identify right where it’s happening. Is there anyone reading this who happens to live near any of these regions care to comment?



Arkansas-Tennessee Earthquakes

Again, I suspect that the earthquake clusters in Arkansas are due to fracking in the area. There is another cluster around the New Madrid Fault Zone (Arkansas-Tennessee-Missouri). A third cluster in the region of Knoxville appear to follow the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Dallas Earthquakes

There was quite a cluster of earthquakes in the Dallas metroplex region during 2014 – more specifically near Irving Texas. Can you imagine what would happen if ‘a big one’ were to shake that region? That would be quite disastrous…


Earthquake Cluster Along Colorado New-Mexico Border

A large cluster of earthquakes are located along the border between CO and NM – mostly in Colorado, west of Trinidad and closer to Weston. I believe there are oil rigs in that region. Not sure if that has anything to do with it…


Yellowstone Earthquakes

And then there’s always Yellowstone, the Super Volcano. Looks like several clusters of earthquakes there during 2014. Does it mean anything? Who knows… I hope not ;)


Northwest Nevada Earthquake Swarm

Check this out – a massive earthquake swarm during 2014 in NW Nevada spanning an area of 10 miles by nearly 5 miles. Wow…

If you have Google Earth and are interested to browse the earthquakes in the US during 2014, I’ve created a KMZ file for your viewing pleasure…

Have any of you experienced an earthquake during the past year?

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