Gulf of Aden, What Happened in November?

Last updated on December 31st, 2010


An unusual earthquake event occurred off the coast of Yemen, underneath the Gulf of Aden during the month of November. The initial earthquake swarm rapidly ramped up during 14-Nov, while subsequent earthquakes rumbled on, even as late as 11-Dec.

The swarm event seemed unusual in that the majority of the earthquake depths during the first day were pin-pointed at 10 km, some of them 10.1 km below the seafloor of the Gulf of Aden.  The earthquakes that followed did not vary too far from this depth. The account of that event with maps and graphs can be viewed here, Major Earthquake Swarm off Yemen.

Initial explanations regarding the consistent 10 km depth included the notion that the USGS data will default to 10 km, “if they are not sure”. I find difficulty in subscribing to that theory because of the very accurate capabilities that exist in seismology today with accurate seismograph instruments scattered all around the world, which are triangulated and cross-checked with computer precision. All earthquake depths are resolved to the one-tenth kilometer, and displayed as such.

Some thought that perhaps magma was moving along channels, perhaps building up stress with threat of an undersea eruption. There certainly are numerous known volcanoes very close by within the region, mainly to the west.


Other explanations included the idea that HAARP somehow played a roll, affecting the Gulf of Aden all the way from Gakona, Alaska with its 33 acre antenna array and 3.6 million watt transmitting station which experiments with upper atmosphere and ionospheric propagation in HF (high frequency), ELF (extremely low frequency), and VLF (very low frequency) bands.


Other explanations from a few received E-mail messages suggested that a secret StarGate was opening, used by aliens, which the US government (base of operations in Djibouti at the Gulf of Aden) and other governments of the world were trying or using themselves to harness the mystical power, or communicate with other beings.


Or, it could be tectonic plate stress fractures along the divergent plate boundary that runs right up the middle of the Gulf of Aden.


We have put together an animated map showing the sequence of events as they occurred beginning 14-Nov-2010. It’s interesting to look for patterns.


Update, 31-Dec-2010, more earthquakes have popped today, apparently bringing the region back to life… (we will see what happens). Link to the original post for updated maps and stats, Major Earthquake Swarm off Yemen

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