Mag 7 Earthquakes Are Up 90 Percent



The graphic image is stunning. Earthquakes of magnitude 7 – 7.9 are up 90 percent compared with the average number of earthquakes that have occurred during the last 10 years over the same time period, that is, from 1-Jan to 6-Oct, day number 279.

We are 76% of the way through 2010. If the earth does not shake with a single additional magnitude 7 – 7.9 earthquake, we will still finish the year 46% higher than the annual average during the last 10 years. We are only three magnitude 7 earthquakes away from double the average (10 yr.) number, and there are still 86 days to go!

I am just a casual observer with an interest in geophysical activities of the Earth, and while I have been tracking worldwide earthquakes and looking at new cumulative data each month with respect to 10 year and 100 year averages, earthquakes are occurring consistently more frequently this year.


Interestingly, we are not hearing any mention of increased earthquake activity in the main stream media, ore even in the main stream science circles. In fact, what little mention at all, has been downplayed or shrugged off. It will be curious to see if organizations like the USGS will downplay the earthquake statistics of magnitude 7 that are unfolding in front of our eyes.

(data gathered from the USGS and then averaged over time)

At the current rate, we will likely reach double or twice the number of average earthquakes in this magnitude range by the end of the year. In fact, all of the earthquake magnitude ranges that I track from 5 on up, are well above averages (except 8 – 9.9 where we are right at average at this time).

As a survival preparedness minded person, seeing statistics like these reaffirm my mindset that while we make our way through our day to day modern lives, we should regularly set aside some time and resources to prepare for uncertainty or disaster. The Earth is giving us warnings right under our feet that cannot be ignored. Take heed. Take first steps. Store some extra food and water. What could it hurt… You will eat and drink it eventually anyway.

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